1. Bigfulla

    Paul Shafer Motorsports new website

    After many weeks of working on the new website, it has been uploaded to its final home The site is 99% completed, with a whole lot of photos still to be uploaded to the media gallery, this will happen over the next week or so. Let us know what you think and make...
  2. Bigfulla

    Paul Shafer Motor Sports now on Facebook Head over to the new facebook page to see some great photos and to see what they are up to.
  3. Bigfulla

    Paul Shafer Motor Sports and Clive Featherby

    Well this could be interesting if the rumours are true here down under. Clive could be taking a few of the trucks back from here as well as the likes of his roll over vehicles stunt Vehicles Jet Quad, Jet Plane,Transzilla, his concert PA sysem the whole box and dice and shipping it all back to...
  4. Danny H.

    Paul Shafer Motorsports Knoxville Aug 5 & 6

    I saw on Outback Thunda's website that Paul Shafer Motorsports is going to be in Knoxville. Anyone got any info on rest of the lineup?
  5. RnW 13

    Paul Shafer Motorsports Events

    So far this is all he has. 2011 Events Burlington, Wisconsin International Chocolate Festival Carolina Crusher Ride Truck May 25-30 Dupage County Fair July 30th Monster Truck Show 2PM and 7PM Dupage County Fair July 31 Monster Truck Car Crush 2PM and 7PM The DuPage...
  6. Outlaw

    Fred Shafer's bearfoot cage shots?

    howdy all I am in dire need of some cage/cockpit shots of Fred's Bearfoot/Rampage chassis's. I know they are still around today but have no idear what truck they run as now. thanks in advance guys!
  7. XStatic Dallas

    Paul Shafer actually did this.....

    First off I'm not trying to start any crap about any driver or owner on this thread. I sent an e-mail to Paul showing him my art and explained that I can re-design his website for him. Stating that his most recent pictures are from '07 and I'd like to simply update/ restyle the layout. I told...
  8. RnW 13

    Crown Point/Lake County IN Paul Shafer Show

    I know its 3 days away, so apologies for the last minute updates. August 9th 2010 will be the Rock N Monster Truck Show Presented by Paul Shafer Motorsport Line-up so far is Monster Patrol-Paul Shafer Cadaver-Rich Inman Captain USA-tba and Bad News Travels Fast-Bruce Haney and a...
  9. Kouvre

    What Fred Shafer is up to nowadays

    Fred Shafer Custom Homes Glad to see he's still keeping busy!
  10. S

    What happened to Paul Shafer's Team?

    -I was reading about the new Ms.Bigfoot driver coming from Paul's team, & it said something to about his team falling apart,etc. What happened, is it gone, etc.? Thanks.
  11. G

    shafer motorsports

    so whats the deal with paul shafer. do his trucks even run anymore? i know he has leased out the bear foot name and a few others but what about his trucks? has he sold any of them off, and whats the total number of frames/ working trucks he owns. such a shame what has happened over there.
  12. cmunds

    Gotta question since we are all talking about shafer

    so Cale posted that picture of shafer owning ground pounder and i looked thru the photostream and came across a king krunch that is a chevy s-10 what is that about? is THAT his? david smiths??? who's? HELP me out here guys!
  13. HeartbeatFan

    When did Shafer's BearFoot run this vintage paint? Hey Guys, I was just wondering when Paul Shafer went back with the Chevy Theme and the vintage Blue Paint with the old style logo on the door??? I had never seen it run as a Chevy and this paint scheme since the early 90's. I think it looks really...
  14. honda50r

    Contacting Paul Shafer Motorsports

    Do you guys have any connections or useful info on trying to get a hold of Paul Shaffer Racing? Their site has been updated in forever and the contact info is appparently wrong. Because my email said "send failed" I need some info on a show. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!