1. D

    North VS South 2011 Galleries

    Hey everyone, just figured I'd pass along that I posted a ton of photos from this weekend's North VS South event at Dennis Anderson's Muddy Motorsports Park on my new site for those that are interested.
  2. MaxD4ever

    South Boston Oct 1st

    Any more info on this show? I know its a Vaters show. Their website has this lineup: Black Stallion Bigfoot Grave Digger Spiderman Higher Education Kamikaze FMX Digger looks to be Porter's. any info on who will be in Foot?
  3. American Ride

    South America- the truth must be told!!!

    Hello monster truck fans this is Mike Fonder President of A.P.Motorsports and the producer of the Monster Truck Wars Tour to South America. Some people know and some dont that our tour has had a lot of ups and downs while on tour to South America and worked with some good promoters and ofcourse...
  4. Richard Scott

    South Africa "Bigfoot" for Awesome Kong 84

    Here is the photo Bob Chandler respectfully asked to be removed from many years ago. This truck is now in New Zealand and known as "Terror Trip". This photo was taken while Ian Soanes lived in South Africa. I am only posting this photo because I was asked by a member. I do not...
  5. American Ride

    A.P.Motorsports update of South America tour

    A.P.Motorsports has a press release with an update of the Monster Truck War Tour 2010-2011 available on the Extreme Monster Truck Coverage website. Updated schedule will be available shortly as we make the final contracts for shows coming up the rest of the year and next year! Mr. Microphone:D
  6. American Ride

    A.P.Motorsports returns to South America

    Round 2 for the Monster Truck War Tour 2010 to invade Santiago,Chili this Sunday August 8, 2010 with two big shows! 12 noon and 6pm shows at the Movistar Arena featuring the Superstars of the Monster Truck War Tour Monster Patrol, Godzilla, Sin City Crusher, Grim Reaper and Burning Money along...
  7. Bigfulla

    South Pacific World Finals 2 DVD Released

    The War began two years ago at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. A year on, a NEW line up of ten trucks, unfinished business now these metal marauding monsters have taken the fight to a new Battlefield in the wide open spaces of the Brisbane International Speedway. This time there?s brand new...
  8. RnW 13

    Truck Related South Bend Mud Monster, tube truck

    Johnny "Mud" Kowacki, current owner of the former Gang Green rig, Mud Monster, 1 other big rig monster, now has a full tube chasis mud monster. Looks neat. Glad to see hes got what appears to be a competition ready truck...
  9. Bigfulla

    South Pacific World Finals III Official Updates

    Jim Kohler and Paul Shafer have both confirmed they will be back for this years rounds with Jim excited about defending his title. Jim will appear in Australia earlier in the year once schedules are worked out. Next week Corey Clark returns to Australia, along with a Kirk Dabney employee...
  10. Bigfulla

    South Pacific World Finals III Press Release

    Press release SOUTH PACIFIC WORLD FINALS 3 Australia never one to try to follow everything USA is going one step further or THREE as it appears this time around by announcing that the SOUTH PACIFIC WORLD FINALS 3 will no longer be held over one round but now over THREE FANTASTIC...
  11. D

    Photos from South Pacific World Finals II

    Just to let you all know, a whole stack of photos have been uploaded to the photo gallery section of Go here and click on the Photo Gallery link. It should automatically start with the WF2 photos. My final results writeup is also on the...
  12. Richard Scott

    New monster truck being built in South Florida

    I was at a 4x4 shop today and found out about a new monster truck being built here in south Florida. Its being built in Palm City Florida by Mike Moss. I saw a few pics of it today as well. Very nice looking chassis work, patrick axle housings,Late model chevy body red in color. No name as of...
  13. D

    South Pacific World Finals 2 - FINAL update video!!

    YouTube- South Pacific World Finals 2 Update - Australia Monster Trucks - Episode 7 The final update video in this series before the big show on 14 November.
  14. Bigfulla

    Surprises haven't stopped for the South Pacific World Finals

    Well the driver line up has well and truly been finalised for this years World Finals OR HAS IT ? One huge shock to come out of the Extreme Monster trucks Australia camp when I was reading Clives press releases was the truck line ups. At Number two in the Freestyle is Corey Clark Driving...
  15. A

    South Pacific World Finals II From Australia

    Who do you think will win the racing and freestyle events at this years South Pacific World Finals II From Australia. The Truck and driver line goes as follows The Legend Outback Thunda - Clive Featherby Outback Thunda II - Kreg Christensen Scooby Doo - Billy Featherby Batman - Paul...
  16. Bigfulla

    Final show before the South Pacific World Finals

    The Monsters Tour of Destruction headed to Bundaberg in Queensland for the final hit out before The South Pacific World Finals. The legend Outback Thunda was in fine form, taking out the Sky Wheelie Contest well and Truely, Not exceeding 15 miles per hour with a fantastic sequence of jumps...
  17. American Ride

    Monster Truck Rides at Florence South Carolina Fair

    The Bumble Bee Ride Truck is ready to give rides at the Eastern Carolina Agracultural Fair produced by Amusements of America from New Jersey and New York and have made this one of their premeire fairs in the United States as this is their winter quarters for the company which has five brothers...
  18. Bigfulla

    More news From Australia including News about the South Pacific World Finals

    A quick update as to what is and what will be happening here in Australia. Looking over the running sheet for the Bundaberg show, which is on tonight, the first thing that stands out is that there are two USA drivers on the program. Firstly, which will not be a surprise to most is Kreg...
  19. American Ride

    Monster Truck Rides Spartenburg,South Carolina

    A.P.Motorsports presents monster truck rides at the Piedmont Interstate Fair in Spartenburg South Carolina October 12 threw the 18 at the fairgrounds! We are here and the ride area is great! Nice midway provided by Reinhougher Amusements with all the big rides and tons of rides for the Kids...
  20. American Ride

    Monster Truck Rides at Horry County Fair- Myrtle Beach South Carolina

    South Carolina get ready to Rumble in the Bumble as the Bumble Bee monster truck ride truck provides the Biggest and Baddest ride at the fair with a big ride area with hills and bumps! Come on out and check us out as we will be here threw Saturday! Thank You Mike & Lisa:)