1. Griff747

    MFR Thread

    Hey everyone. Who still plays MFR? I sure do, but it would be neat if someone completed the game, does anyone know why they haven't finished it? :confused:
  2. B

    The Official 2012 Florida Monster Jam thread.

    Maybe the best year ever in terms of lineups? Bounty Hunter making his Tampa and Orlando debuts, Vaters is back, and AVENGER IN TAMPA FOR THE FIRST TIME! And there are still 2 stadium events left to go! Tampa 1: USHRA Monster Trucks including Grave Digger? driven by Dennis Anderson...
  3. TN_Outllaw

    World series thread

    Anyone else gonna watch besides me? I'm rooting for the Cards, but I haven't seen Texas play at all except in highlight clips. I've heard they're pretty tough though offensively.
  4. stormrider_67

    Monster Jam Hamilton Ontario 2011 Thread

    Figured I would start this thread since I got about 80% confirmation. 2011 Monster Jam is supposed to be November 11-12, same weekend as Hampton and Albuquerqe. Heard this from a guy who works there so dont take it too seriously. Last few years its been announced in October so it could still...
  5. casper57

    Casper: The rebuild and rebirth thread

    The rebuild began today, body is off and loaded up to go to body shop for straightening out and new paint. The frame will be stripped and get ready to be blasted and repainted. Stay tuned for updates and new pics.
  6. tazfan17

    Official Charlotte 2011 Thread

    Really pumped for this event, its the best non-feld event of the year imo. WHo all's goin this year Line-up is good this year ‎1. Avenger 2. Brutus 3. Equalizer 4. Hot Tamale 5. Samson 6. Mopar Magic 7. Stone Crusher 8. War Wizard 9. Higher Education 10. Circle K Thirst Buster...
  7. L

    LBTV's MJWF Videos Thread (Racing, Freestyle, Encores)

    Plenty of vids to chose from! Here is our vantage point after our first World Finals! Playlist: If you'd like to find individual runs, they are up on our profile: Enjoy!
  8. carcrusher

    WFXII Bracket Thread - Post Your Brackets!

    I don't think anyone has covered this yet, so I'll initiate: Post your completed brackets for WFXII here and feel free to editorialize on others' choices. Personally, I will be doing a pre-qualifying and post-qualifying bracket and then I will compare mine to the final results to see how close I...

    Is anyone interested in reading a pulling truck build up/ rebuild thread?

    Im in the process of redoing my pulling truck, was wondering if anyone was insterested in reading a build up of it.
  10. O

    Monster Truck Destruction - Official Game Thread

    Hi All, This thread will contain the most up-to-date information, screenshots and videos of our Monster Truck Destruction video game. Make sure you like our Facebook page: Description: Your fans are waiting for you... they are willing you to...
  11. MonsterRob

    Official Pittsburgh Monster Jam 2011 Thread

    Its that time of year again guys and girls! I know there are several fellow mayhem members that attend the event every year. FINALLY the Penguins get their new arena and we get to bring the dirt inside to break it in! Hoping to get some event results and pictures or videos up here throughout the...
  12. F

    The Official "my opinion on RII calls" Thread

    RII Trigger Happy in Anaheim At least 2-3 drivers commented about being shut down in Anaheim tonight. Where is the harm of trying to upright the truck, or drive without a wheel, when it poses no threat to anyone? Good show, but I have never seen techs come running out so quick when a driver...
  13. HighFlyer

    Fargo Monster Jam 2011 Thread

    My favorite weekend of the year is only a week away! And this year is going to top any previous year, 2 days with 3 Monster Jam shows, followed by my Green Bay Packers playing in the Superbowl to close out the weekend! It is going to be an epic weekend, hopefully;) Anyway, the show...
  14. HighFlyer

    Monster Jam World Finals 12 Qualifier Thread

    I figure we can post all qualifiers in this thread so we don't make a mess of the board. 2011 List of Trucks -Advance Auto Parts Grinder (Lupe Sosa) (Minneapolis) -Air Force Afterburner (Damon Bradshaw) (San Antonio) -Avenger (Jim Koehler) (Anaheim #1) -Batman (Norm Miller) (Phoenix)...
  15. Wright58

    Official Monster Jam San Diego 2011 Thread

    USHRA Monster Trucks including Grave Digger? driven by Chad Tingler, Blue Thunder?, Maximum Destruction? driven by Kreg Christensen, Batman driven by Norm Miller, El Toro Loco? driven by Marc McDonald, Monster Mutt? driven by Joe Miller, Avenger driven by Jim Koehler, Wrecking Crew driven by...
  16. F

    Show Related Ford Field 2011 Thread

    Location: Ford Field - Detroit MI Date: Jan 8th 2011(thanks to Kid Rock) Lineup: USHRA Monster Trucks including Grave Digger? driven by Charlie Pauken, Maximum Destruction? driven by Tom Meents, El Toro Loco? driven by Marc McDonald, Dragon's Breath℠ driven by Becky McDonough, Monster Mutt...
  17. Back In Black

    Is there a "then and now" photo thread?

    And if not does anyone have any photos of old MT's then and in their current condition? If so.. Link?

    MJ P.O.D. Create-a-Truck thread

    I know that for games like the Guitar Hero series and Smackdown vs. Raw, there are several threads online dedicated to Create-A-Whatevers, full of formulas to create famous characters. And now the new MJ game has a Create-a-Truck feature. Post what you come up with, and how to make it!
  19. Jus Show N Off

    The Official 2011 Minneapolis Monster Jam Roll Call Thread

    The yearly tradition continues. Which mayhemers are going to be making it to Minneapolis this Saturday for the opening round of the 2011 1st quarter shows? It seems like the first Minny show of the year always gets a lot of coverage on the board and a lot of Mayhemers in attendance - so who's...
  20. #75race

    How About a Food/Cooking Thread?

    What do you guys say we get a food/cooking thread going in here? Perhaps we could discuss our favorite foods and possibly share pics or recipes?:) It seems to be a popular enough topic on super chat, from time-to-time. I'm game, what about everyone else? I'll leave you guys with a link to a...