1. M

    How To Tell What Type Of Chassis A Truck Runs

    I may sound stupid, or be one of the few on here who cant totally tell the style of chassis trucks runs. But I was wondering if somebody could tell me. And also what types of chassis all the Feld drivers run, because I think alot of the Indies runs their own (I may be wrong). Thanks PS-...
  2. Bigfulla

    Truck Related Another World Known Truck Identity to join MTPA's Fleet.

    Hot behind the news of Bigfoot Joining Monster Truck Promotions Australia next year, The team has released news today on Their Facebook page in the form of a very cryptic message, that another big name will be joining the fleet as early as their next show on December 28. No names have officially...
  3. Griff747

    1988 Televised Monster Truck Events

    Well, I'm in the need of learning more about Old School Monster Trucks rather than the new, boring crap you see on Monster Jam nowadays. So, correct me if I'm wrong in this list of the 1988 Televised Shows that involved TNT Motorsports and USHRA Events: TNT Events: Atlanta Pontiac...
  4. Griff747

    Off-Topic Monster Truck VHS/DVD Home Movies List

    Hello, Mayhemers. We know that there are MANY Home Videos when it comes to the Monsters. Like the old TNT Home Video "Turning the Power On" and even todays Crash Madness Series from Monster Jam. I would like to ask all of you for assistants to help list ALL (or most) Home Videos starting from...
  5. Griff747

    Off-Topic Monster Truck Specs

    These are a few questions that have been boggling on my mind for a few months, and some of them may sound silly in a way, but I am still trying to learn more about these trucks, so do not go raging all over this thread (or at me). Plus, this could help new Fans learn more about today's Monster...
  6. Griff747

    Info Question about Scott Stephen's last King Krunch Chassis

    Hello, Mayhemers. I have a question to ask some of you. If you folks remember the old red, white, and blue King Krunch Truck and the chassis, What happened to that chassis? I've contacted David Smith and here is his reply: If anyone has more details about the "redone" of this chassis, please...
  7. Griff747

    ~Monster Truck Meme's~

    Thought this would be a good, fun idea for us Monster Truck Fans to release our own Meme's/Captions! If you do not know what a Meme is, search carefully through this site and learn well! I'll start it off with a few:
  8. Griff747

    Truck Related Mysterious Digger Truck?

    Hello, Mayhemers. While I was looking for some Grave Digger #7 photos, I came across these two pictures with the same truck, apparently they are from Digger's Dungeon: Good close-up I have absolutely no idea what number this is, but my guess is #8, or maybe #14? Could be wrong.
  9. Griff747

    Monster Truck Tires from late Motor Madness years Question

    Not sure if I should slap this on the main discussion or Old School, but from this picture below: Does anyone have any knowledge about these tires? They seemed to be different looking back then. I remember Madusa also used these tires, and Sting also, and maybe a few more. :confused:
  10. Meltdown

    Monster Truck Racing - Extreme Offroad game for PC, a short teaser video..

    A while back I asked around if any racing team was keen to supply us with some images for our upcoming title. We are pleased to announce that the Monster Truck Jump racing team from Germany has come to an agreement with us to allow use of their images in our game. If you'd like to see a short...
  11. Meltdown

    Monster Truck Racing - Extreme Offroad game for PC, a short teaser video..

    A while back I asked if a team could help out with some images for our upcoming game. We are pleased to announce a partnership with the Monster Truck Jump racing team and whose beautiful trucks we will be using in our game in certain places such as the menu and splash...
  12. M

    MustRead Harley Bad Boy Queen Creek, AZ

    Noticed the old thread about the truck someone found in Queen Creek, AZ( ) Looks like no one every found any info on it. My good friend's dad owns it, not sure what he's doing with it but it just...
  13. D

    Preview of Jurassic Attack ride truck light parade video

    Jurassic Attack / Maniac monster trucks Don Frankish Preview of the Jurassic Attack ride truck in Coaldale parade of lights and christmas Fort McCloud parades this weekend. Nobody will have a harder rocking christmas soundtrack than us for sure. Come on out giving ride after parade in Fort...
  14. D

    Truck Related For Sale ( MONSTER TRUCK CHASSIS w. PARTS)

    We still have a Monster Truck Chassis for sale along with a Transfer Case, Beard Seat and 4-link bars. All for a very good price. Please call for price and pictures. Serious replys only. Thank You. 609-625-3481
  15. M

    any info on the Mountaineer truck

    USHRA Monster Trucks including Grave Digger? driven by Gary Porter, Monster Mutt? driven by Whit Tarlton, Aftershock driven by Bob Robbins, Krazy Train driven by Mark Noto, *** driven by Krissy Moler, and Mountaineer driven by RB Moler! I knew it was a truck from early 2000s but I didnt...
  16. EdCFP

    Sioux Falls SD truck openings

    Currently we have only one show that we are looking for trucks and that is Jan 28th, 2012 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Interested truck owners or representatives please call the CFP Office 940-683-4742 or email [email protected] or [email protected] Thank...
  17. R.R.I

    Leadfoot Monster Truck

    I got watching old vhs tapes the other night an was watching blood sweat an gears an seen were leadfoot broke the right front wheel an tire off in Anaheim 87?? I think anyway long story short were did the truck or car?? Whatever its classified as, Were did it go i have long forgot about this...
  18. Xander505

    Pics from a 1990 monster truck shootout

    Hello guys, I'm new to the forums but have been a guest viewer for about a year. I've been following monster trucks since the late 1980s and have gone to dozens of shows in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan. This includes TNT races at the Milwaukee Mile, Penda races in Union Grove (Snakebite...
  19. carcrusher

    Monster Truck Radio - Bob Chandler

    Is there anywhere that I can get this week's Monster Truck Radio audio podcast with Bob Chandler? I can't watch the video that's hosted on TMB while I'm at work and it will take forever to buffer the whole thing at home. I'd assume they aren't updating the Castle Rock site at all with it since...
  20. TheMonsterFactory

    Selling my Grave Digger rc truck

    Need some cash, so something needs to go..... This truck has been completely rebuilt and never ran since its been finished. Everything is fresh on it from the brushless set up to the custom Digger body and everything in between. If interested PM and I can fill you in on all the specs...