1. J

    Monster Truck Radio

    Lugnuts, Jeremy Slifko Backdraft and Ross Bonar The Monster Blog will be on the show 9:00 pm Eastern. SEE YOU THERE Roller:cool::cool::cool::cool:
  2. D

    Monster Truck Video Music on FirstCom

    Since the FirstCom topic has again disappeared into the archives, and cannot be posted in, here's another for those interested in the music from monster truck videos. Here are some more I've found... Monster Jam Freestyle: Controlled Chaos: -Rough & Ready (Album: FC-A79_Sports Rock) (used...
  3. EdCFP

    Monster Truck Contacts

    Hey guys I am researching and looking for a new monster truck list of trucks that would or are joining the MTRA. Earlier this year I committed to have our trucks that perform at a CFP EVENT to the trucks either be a member or join and so far we are at 100% even with the amount of trucks...

    Is anyone interested in reading a pulling truck build up/ rebuild thread?

    Im in the process of redoing my pulling truck, was wondering if anyone was insterested in reading a build up of it.
  5. T

    Monster Truck Show at Harrisburg Pa

    Just wondering if anyone knows what other trucks are going to be at the Pa Farm Show Arena in Harrisburg Pa on 3/19/11? I know Bounty Hunter and Iron Outlaw are going to be there. Any info would be great. Thanks
  6. 72ZEBRA

    West Plains Monster Truck Spectacular

    My wife and I went to West Plains Missouri to see the Monster Truck Spectacular come to town. The lineup was Outtacontrol, Monkey N Around, Twisted Dragon, and Dragon Fly. The West Plains Civic Center is very small, but anytime you put Rob French and Steven Hill at the same show you know...

    RC Truck flags

    Is there a way to make functional flags like ford flags, chevy flags or AM PM flags for RC trucks. And also, are the materials readily available
  8. P

    Scott Douglas - Legendary Monster Truck Announcer

    On live in about 10 minutes: 9pm EST/8pm CST/7 MST/6 PST!
  9. hoopty_yo

    Big Street Truck Memories

    What's the biggest street truck you can remember roaming your town? Maybe lift laws have become more strict over the years or maybe the 80s have passed, but there aren't as many big trucks cruising around here anymore. (Or IFS slowed the growth) There is the occasional large Super Duty, but they...
  10. drjoliver

    Truck fired today

    I got the engine to give it's first bark :D I need to button up alot of small things, then I'll be able to take it for a drive. My biggest thing to do now is the mount for the Saginaw PS pump mount. I'm trying to keep it tucked into the frame rails and it's going to be tight. It may...
  11. XStatic Dallas

    Designing a new monster truck game, need top 10 old school trucks

    The title pretty much sums it up. I'm building a new game called Monster Truck Legends which will feature all sorts of different racing types that are involved with Monster Truck events. I'm having a hard time though because I want pretty much every old schooler in the game. But this game...
  12. XStatic Dallas

    I need MTM2 junkies to help with Monster Truck RTS devolopment...

    Hey guys!! Some of you already know about my upcoming Monster Truck RTS game. It's basically MTM2 with new physics. I've conquered the turning problem involved with RTS trucks and decided it's time to convert a few trucks. What I need is working stadium tracks for offline game play. I need...
  13. T

    Monster Truck Driving Experience?

    Does any one know of any monster truck teams doing the driving experience? I do know BigFoot did this about 10 years ago but not now. Any help would be awsome. Thanks Chad
  14. 575Hemi

    Kalbones Speed Shop Monster Truck?

    Ive been wondering lately if the truck was ever finished. It's been over a year since anything has been said about it. Any info?
  15. tazfan17

    Dream Truck

    Alright if you could have a dream truck what would the following be? Body Type Paint Scheme Truck Name Team Mates Which Promoters you would run for
  16. RnW 13

    Monster Fire Ride Truck on Craigslist.

    Wish I'd have known it was that close
  17. W

    Which Truck Would YOU Bring Back????

    This is simple with Old School Monsters being reborn lately with the Ice Monster, And The Old School Paint Job on the new Excaliber truck, and Ms. Bigfoot, & Retro Bigfoot which old school truck would you like to see next??? My personal choices are AMPM Rocket, Rambo, Weapon 1, No Problem, just...
  18. D

    Looking for truck for centeral Alberta show. June

    Looking for truck for centeral Alberta show. Third weekend in june. Email me if interested. [email protected]
  19. Jason Twite

    Truck needed / Breast Cancer Benefit / 6-11 Cleveland

    A charity group supporting the Susan G. Komen For the Cure is looking for a breast cancer-supporting truck for a display at a benefit event on June 11 in Cleveland. Avenger Racing (Spike), T-N-T, Heartbreaker... I'm looking your direction ;) PM or Email me and I'll pass along the contact...