1. Christian Riedel

    Dekalb NAPA truck incident on "When Vacations Attack" right now.

    Like the title says, on the travel channel. Not sure if its a rerun or not. Not good publicity for our industry, but might be something worth watching.
  2. D

    Ride truck needed for event in Texas.

    Hello, We are having a benefit for my son to help us with his medical bills. How much is it to have you attend? The event is Nov 27th 2011 from 12 to 6. In pearland TX. Thanks Scot Maust 281-948-3737 Just passing it on as were a litle too far away. Don
  3. R

    If I wanted to start a monster truck racing series

    Well, this is like my second post to this site and I wanted to ask a question that maybe I can get some good answers to. I'm one of those monster truck fans who are ready to see a true, open-qualifying racing-only series for monster trucks. Having said that, I think one day I might just try my...
  4. P

    I put my AirDog truck on Ebay

    As I said in other threads, I am wanting to build another new truck so I need to move out my AirDog truck 1st. If someone wants to post the link go ahead. If you are serious about puchasing it you can email me at [email protected] but please only email if you are interested.
  5. B

    autographs from monster truck hall of fame

    hey everyone sadly i will not be able to make it to the grand opening of the hall of fame. I am a huge autograph collector from the old school. was wondering if anyone knew how i could send something there to have all the guy sign it who show up that night. thanks!!!!!
  6. Griff747

    RoR Truck Requests

    I've got a few requests: Wild Thang Bustin' Loose Grave Digger #7 Metal Mulisha WCW Nitro/Inferno Spell Caster Radical Rescue Jetmonkey's Mightnight Express (mtm2) Awesome Kong #2 Retro and a few more, but this is just a start. :D
  7. R.R.I

    Monster Truck Radio 11/07/11 ? Everett Jasmer
  8. Christian Riedel

    Kodiak Monster Truck Has Been Scrapped

    I just got off the phone with a guy who was selling some monster truck tires. He says he owned the truck that used to be Mark Bendler's Kodiak truck out of Milwaukee WI. He rolled the truck a while back and had 7k in hospital bills to pay so he scrapped the truck for 700 bucks. I asked if the...
  9. wildfoot94:

    monster truck radio

    hey when that dude going to update monster truck radio i like that show
  10. Muddy

    Metal Mulisha truck unveiled

    Good looking ride
  11. modeltruckshop

    International Monster Truck Museum displays

    Just wanted to let some of you that have interesting collections know that the museum is always seeking items to display. Any size and any quanity. Ace and I have taken stuff already. A couple trucks are headed there for new displays. Several teams or drivers have sent items also. I am...
  12. MadRat

    Picked up a HUGE monster truck souvenir for my son

    Picked up a monster truck souvenir for my son Tygo (LilRat)... A GoodYear 66inch Terra Tire... it'a bad and used tire and has a broken tire bead... Have to figure out which Monster Jam truck it came from.. it was stored in a warehouse after the MJ shows in Arnhem, Holland... It was a HUGE...
  13. J

    Ride truck gear ratio

    Anyone know what the best gear ratio is for a ride truck on 66"s and 5ton toploaders? Is there a popular T-case that ride trucks use?
  14. Griff747

    Truck Related Who owns Wild Thang NOW??

    As we remember a while back, Wild Thang was being sold from Paul Shafer's MotorSports and was selling it through a website. Does anyone have any news about the old Thang? :confused::(
  15. T

    Dennis anderson getting a new truck?

    I noticed on grave diggers wikipedia a change from the last time I checked it said grave digger 26 was adams taz converted into gd the legend, but now it says its a new cohen chassis currently being build for dennis, does annyone have any insight or pics of this being real?
  16. monstermaiden

    Haunted Monster Truck Rides

    Saw this earlier when we were looking for a Haunted House to hit tonight Haunted Monster Truck Rides
  17. S

    Truck Related looking to rent Monster Truck for commercial

    Hey All - I am brand new to this site and wanted to say hello. I'm shooting a commercial in the Atlanta, GA area on the 27th and the script is calling for a monster truck. I believe they want to park the truck on top of 2 cars in a parking lot - we'll probably use pre-crushed cars and the...
  18. pat_paquet

    X-Treme Jim Monster Truck

    Hi Guys, we are a new Monster Truck team from Quebec City in Canada. We bought our first truck from Heartbreaker earlier this summer and I would like to introduce it to you guys. Here's our team : Pat, Jim and Suzanne. Here's some pictures of it and hope to meet you guys at some show.
  19. T

    IMTM Hall of Fame Inductees to Appear on Monster Truck Radio

    The International Monster Truck Museum & Hall of Fame is proud to announce that 5 of the first 6 monster truck legends to be inducted into the Hall of Fame will be guests on Monster Truck Radio the next 5 weeks leading up to the much anticipated 1st Annual Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony...
  20. Griff747

    Custom Monster Truck Ideas

    Hey, everyone. I made this thread so that people can post ideas for custom trucks just to throw out and comment on. :cool: I've come up with a few custom names like: Mopar Massacre Frost Byte Equinox But I finally came across a name that is just perfect. The name is "Vindicator". I'd...