1. Richard Scott

    Truck Gone Wild 11 and 12

    Just wanted to pass on that trucks gone wild 11 and 12 will be coming out next week. There are trailors for both on thier website, youtube and facebook accounts. Check them out if you get a chance. Rich
  2. M

    Monster Truck Rides at Uncle John's Cider Mill in MI

    Hey guys, we're going on our 4th weekend of Monster Truck Rides at Uncle John's Cider Mill in St. Johns, Michigan. Come on out for an afternoon of family fun at Uncle Johns located just north of St. Johns, Michigan on US-127. Take a ride on EXCALIBER for only 5 tokens ($5). Hope to see...
  3. Brandon Clark

    Name a firetruck themed ride truck.

    I'm kicking around ideas in my head, and want Mayhem's input. I'm thinking of a ride truck with a firetruck theme, but the only name that seems really fitting is backdraft, but I think that one is taken (sarcasm!) Ideas?
  4. W

    Americrush Ride Truck

    Does anybody know what ever happen to it or who owns it now ? Dan Patrick built it a few years back and wondering if it was being used or just setting. Thanks
  5. American Ride

    Haunted Monster Truck Rides In Lansing,Michigan

    oh yeah thats rite its Haunted Monster Truck Rides in the Mongoose Monster Truck Ride Truck from Lansing ,Michigan! Be Ready to Sit Down & SCREAM on the Mongoose for the thrill ride of a lifetime. Oct.13-15, 20-22, 27-29 open 7pm-11pm or until all souls are served! For more information go to...
  6. Griff747

    *NEW* Wolverine Truck ReMade

    As you have heard, Marvel comics has teamed up with Monster Jam, and have been planning to make different kind of trucks. As I heard, they are returning the old Wolverine Truck, but the bad news is...It's a Ford and not the same old Chevy it used to be on. :(
  7. Set2Crash16

    Monster truck rides and haunted thrill ride

    Hey everyone, I am just throwing this out there... If your in the south Jersey area, come check out the haunted hay ride and thrill show my friends put on. Leo and I will also be down there with the TNT monster trucks ride truck, giving rides. The shows will be going on every weekend in October...
  8. Mrgrimmonster

    little red wagon pull truck :cool:
  9. 72ZEBRA

    Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular Rolla Missouri Great show. It was Chris Lagana in Ice Monster, Chris Ryan in Ground Pounder, Rich Blackburn Viper, and Bobo in Bounty Hunter. At the 2pm show it was Bounty Hunter winning Wheelies (could have easily been Ice Monster), Viper winning...
  10. American Ride

    CFP 2012 truck schedule!!

    Attention all Monster Truck owners we will be booking the 2012 schedule starting Monday October 8,2011. For consideration please contact me Mike Fonder at 920-494-2676 or e-mail your contact info to me at [email protected] asap. make sure to take a look at the schedule of events at...
  11. stormrider_67

    Feld's Name A Canadian Monster Truck Contest!

    Just announced, Cam McQueen will be driving a truck with a name chosen by a Canadian fan! Submissions can be made at until October 14th. Sounds like Cam will be appearing at most of the Canadian shows this year. Pretty interesting! Sent from my BlackBerry 9900 using Tapatalk
  12. N

    truck pairings for 2012 season

    well as information slowly starts to be released, this is what we know so far Grave Digger (randy) TMNT (parnell) Grave Digger(gary) monster mutt (whit) Grave Digger (CVH) Grave Digger (Pablo) El Toro Loco Grave Digger (Chad) Grave Digger (Dennis) Grave Digger (Rod) Max. D (tom) Max. D...
  13. Bigfulla

    Four politicians in a 1500hp, five tonne monster truck
  14. RobBeer

    For Sale Another Ride Truck

    Passing along this one on Racing Junk: And some more...
  15. Monster Museum

    Monster Truck Museum 2011 Inductees

    The countdown is at 3 days until IMTM announces the first 6 inductees into the Monster Truck Hall of Fame! We'll announce the names of the first class this Saturday, October 1st, don't forget to head over to to get your tickets for the 1st Annual Induction Ceremony 11/19 in...
  16. ChromeThunder

    Bounty Hunter name on Pat Gerbers Truck

    Anyone have the story behind this? All I know is that it looks SICK!
  17. D

    New monster truck book for kids.

    I like how it's all private teams and not just the big money teams. Everyone can add there own pages.
  18. Tim Dudley

    Anyone who has Mission Monster Truck Recovery as a Friend...GREAT NEWS!

    I'm not sure how many people have "Like" Mission Monster Truck Recovery page on Facebook. But if you have read 3 or 4 trucks that were stuck in South America are coming home or home by now. I'm surprise no one has posted anything on here. 4th one coming home soon by the looks of it too...
  19. T

    International Monster Truck Museum & Hall of Fame Hosts 1st Induction Ceremony Nov 19

    (Auburn, Indiana) Monster Truck Fans, don't miss out on this historic event as the International Monster Truck Museum & Hall of Fame hosts its 1st Annual Induction Ceremony & Reunion on Saturday, November 19th in Auburn, Indiana. The very first class of Monster Truck Hall of Fame members will be...
  20. G

    Do you used Google in anyway to build, improve your monster truck?

    Hello everyone in the Monster Mayhem community! I'm a researcher working for Google on a new documentary series about people who have done amazing things using Google. We're looking to feature someone in the monster truck community who uses any of Google's products to train, build/improve...