1. S

    good vid updates :)
  2. S

    Good YouTube vid updates on... :)
  3. subgraphic

    Help finding a vid: BlackSmith jumps and rams through cars

    Years ago I saw what I believe to be this version of black smith jump a ramp and bust through vertically stacked cars, spanky spangler style. Has anyone ever seen this? It was the only time I have personally ever seen black smith on tv.
  4. B

    Edna,TX 2010 Vid

    Checkered Flag Productions' show in Edna,TX 2010
  5. MadRat

    Vid's LIVE from the WF's in Vegas by GoneCrushing

    Vid's LIVE from the WF's in Vegas by Cory "GoneCrushing" 1st test video
  6. hoopty_yo

    Bigfoot vs Snake Bite vid on Ebay

    For anybody that has to have this gem, here it be. I just found this by accident coincidentally after reading...
  7. adamsoffroad

    lookin for a Dennis Anderson vid clip

    Hey guys any body have the clip of Dennis talking about his axles in the #2 Digger? I think it was during an 89 or 90 TNT race. Thanks guys
  8. MadRat

    Weird Dutch promo vid MonsterJam Arnhem 2009...

    Weird Dutch promo vid MonsterJam Arnhem 2009... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: YouTube - Gast gaat helemaal los And no, that bald guy is NOT me......
  9. MadRat

    Show Related 1st practice vid from Vegas

    1st practice session vid from Vegas. At the 2009 Monster Jam NGK Spark Plugs World Finals in Las Vegas. Escalade, Air Force Afterburner, Maximum Destruction, Taz, Batman and Grave Digger...... YouTube - Monster Jam - Thursday Practice Highlights
  10. jeb134

    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread

    YouTube - Grants Pass,Or 10-99 Wow...I don't know what was better, parts of the trucks flying off, or the fact that some of the drivers were in t-shirts and jeans...