1. L

    San Diego 2013 ACTION

    Miss us? :cool: All the action: Racing (this and freestyles above):
  2. Griff747

    Off-Topic Monster Truck VHS/DVD Home Movies List

    Hello, Mayhemers. We know that there are MANY Home Videos when it comes to the Monsters. Like the old TNT Home Video "Turning the Power On" and even todays Crash Madness Series from Monster Jam. I would like to ask all of you for assistants to help list ALL (or most) Home Videos starting from...
  3. casper57

    Casper in action videos

    Here's what yall have been waiting for, this is from my first show last night at the Stringer Mud bogg, Stringer, Mississippi. I wont lie i was extremely nervous the first two passes but after i got a feel for everything i finally got braver and braver. I have a lot more video of it i will post...
  4. M

    2 New Videos!

    Check out on facebook and see 2 new videos from last year! Be sure to "like us" and check back often on Facebook! We will be posting our video from Monster Truck Madness II from back on July 2nd in jsut a few days! WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/MICHIGANMONSTERTRUCKS
  5. L

    Irwindale Videos - Monster Truck Event

    Videos from the Monster Truck event at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale! Some really good runs! Razin Kane gets some gnarly air! Racing: YouTube - Monster Truck Racing - Toyota Speedway at Irwindale Freestyles: Obsessed: YouTube - OBSESSED Monster Truck Freestyle El...
  6. L

    Help Needed: USHRA/Monster Jam videos

    Hi everybody, I am looking for a wide variety of USHRA/Monster Jam videos from the late 1980s through the 2000s up until present day. Anybody that is willing to help please PM me. I do not have the time to edit videos for trade, but am more than willing to pay.
  7. L

    LBTV's MJWF Videos Thread (Racing, Freestyle, Encores)

    Plenty of vids to chose from! Here is our vantage point after our first World Finals! Playlist: If you'd like to find individual runs, they are up on our profile: Enjoy!
  8. C

    HD videos whats your favorite(s) to watch?

    i can't wait to see what gets posted on this topic. the topic is HD videos and whats your favorite ones to watch? i love watching the onboard monster truck shots and stuff like that but we've already seen them i'm sure. hd videos are just amazing to watch it's almost like you're truly there...
  9. G

    videos of #12

    Well its no secret the days of number 12 are winding down. retired, un retired, either way the sun is setting. it was always my favorite digger, and second only to fred shaffer's bearfoots (in regards to chassis). that truck was set up for only one thing, racing. so i am looking for some racing...
  10. Team Scream

    New "How To" Videos

    Hey guys! We just launched our first "How To" videos on Youtube. Check them out!!! They are linked on our website as well as on Youtube!!! Let us know what you think.:cool: Some of them have some humor in them, and others are just to the point. More will be posted soon! Hope you like them...
  11. Highchaparall

    Does anyone have Photos or Videos of a Tank called Little Big Swede?

    Hi! I am looking for photos and videos of my favourite tank! It's called Little Big Swede and is a 1949 Ford Prefect body that's been shortened one-door-length. It's mounted upon a Oliver Cletrack Bulldozer Chassie. The Little Big Swede is powered by a 351 Ford V8 with straight pipes sticking...
  12. M

    Cincinnati Freestyle Videos

    They are not the highest quality but some have asked for them so here they are. I have arranged them below in the order of the runs.
  13. RnW 13

    Simitar Entertainment/Home Videos

    As most recall they assisited in distributing a few USHRA videos, Secrets of Monster Trucks, Off Road Wars, Rockin & 4 Wheelin', and a handfull of crash compilation videos like Crash Course and Car Wars. Just wondering if anyone has anything else motorsports related from them. I have been on...
  14. B

    Monroe,LA 2010 Videos

    Hey Everyone and Thanks, Sorry it took so long, not to make excuses but my soft-ware was acting up and was making cliches in the final file! hopefully thats all worked out now but here is Night One part 1 and 2 and Im righting the final file for Night two part 1 and 2...
  15. B

    Belton,TX Videos Up!!!!!!!!

    Hey Everyone, The Betlon,TX videos are up. The first video is up of Friday night and by the time you're done with that the other two friday night videos will be too!!! And saturday's videos will be up right after that!!!! and everybody subscribe to my channel!!!!! Click Here...
  16. sprint_car_fan2007

    Monster Jam 2010, Tacoma Dome Videos

    Monster Jam 2010 Tacoma Dome Tacoma, Washington 8PM Show Part 1: YouTube- Monster Jam 2010, Tacoma Dome, 8PM Show, Part 1 Part 2: YouTube- Monster Jam 2010, Tacoma Dome, 8PM Show, Part 2 Part 3: YouTube- Monster Jam 2010, Tacoma Dome, 8PM Show, Part 3 Part 4: YouTube-...
  17. BiteMeStudios

    Year End Videos on The Monster Blog

    Hello everyone...check out both the Year End Highlight videos over on The Monster Blog. Make sure to block out a good chunk of time, as the two videos total a whopping 40 minutes!
  18. F

    Favorite Monster Truck Videos

    So, just a thought. What are your guys favorite monster truck videos from back in the day? I've got to say Monster Madness Moto Rock (with Hot New Stereo Soundtrack, lol), Return of the Monster Trucks, and Monster Truck Bloopers 2 are my favorites of the ones I have.
  19. Rolf Hansen

    Racing Videos from Rochester, NH FMG Show 9-19-09

    Check out my vids on you-tube, my name there is monstertruckgarage. I'll figure this link thing out later.
  20. sprint_car_fan2007

    Off-Topic My Racing Videos

    Non-Monster Truck Racing Videos I know this is a monster truck forum, and I hope its ok to share other racing videos. So here is what we had this past weekend. Grays Harbor Raceway July 25, 2009 Modifieds Rolling Thunder Big Rigs Hobby Stocks Cruisers Pre-Race: YouTube - Grays...