1. MCMsports

    ADRL this weekend Bigfoot #16 & R2

    Runte and #16 this weekend at adrl anyone going - Ill be wearing the firestone wilderness Tshirt / hanging by the truck mostly if ya wanna chew the fat come on over - MC
  2. Cal23

    Charlotte This Weekend...

    Who is going? The show should be awesome! Iv'e been for the last two years and this will make #3, not a show to miss. Well worth the trip.
  3. M

    Monroe, Cassopolis, and Crown Point this weekend!

    MONROE, MICHIGAN - AUGUST 5 - 2011 For nearly the past decade, Midwest Monster Truck Events has thrilled fans at the Monroe County Fair in Monroe, Michigan, this year is going to be no exception! From Kansas, the Bounty Hunter will invade the Monroe County Fairgrounds as a part of this...
  4. Cale Putnam

    Show Related Stafford this weekend

    Snuck up on me pretty quickly...anyone else heading there?
  5. M

    Columbus, Nebraska this weekend!

    Amsoil Shock Therapy, TailGator, Scarlet Bandit, Excaliber, and Big Dawg will all be on hand this Saturday, July 17 at the Platte County Fairgrounds in Columbus, Nebraska. Plus see Freestyle Motocross, Quad Freestyle Motocross, and take a ride in monster ride truck! Check out the show if...
  6. EdCFP

    Sept 24th weekend

    Working on a show on Sept 24th and would need 5 trucks. The show is a one or two night event and is a stand alone date and it is in Idaho. Looking for some good trucks and drivers that can put on a show. email [email protected] or phone our office M-Friday 9am to 6pm Central...
  7. C

    CPE R/C 4th of July Weekend Sale!

    Visit our website for a special 4th of July offer! We'll also have rotating prices on various items throughout the weekend. This sale includes special pricing and information about the latest updates to the Ground Pounder RTR monster truck. Act now! www.crawfordperformanceengineering.com
  8. TN_Outllaw

    anyone in the upper MS area going to corinth next weekend?

    I was wondering if anyone in my area was going to the Corinth Monster Truck show next weekend. It's a small town arena and the show is being put on by Don's Monsters (Torquezilla, General Charger, etc...) Here's a link to the page. http://www.crossroadsarena.com/comingevents.htm Hope to see...
  9. MonsterTruckFather

    Mardi Gras Nitro Jam this weekend

    World?s fastest monster truck battles Super Shockwave at Mardi Gras Nitro Jam By Nitro Jam Media Jan 31, 2011 Les Shockley and the Super Shockwave In Chinese astrology it is widely known that with each new year comes a new animal that represents the year ahead. For Nitro Jam, 2011...
  10. D

    Who is Jurassic Attack this weekend?

    Bill payne partyed like a rock star in Maniac last summer. Now it's time for Jurassic to party with a Kid from California.
  11. L

    Vermonster this weekend

    http://www.vermonster4x4.com/events.htm Saturday and Sunday. For monsters they got Crushstation, Ghost Ryder, and Tow-Mater. Usually a decent show. Lots of mudders. Anyone goin? Got a wedding to go to saturday but might head down sunday. Maybe will bring a tough truck. We'll see though....
  12. rns0504

    Fayetteville, NC this weekend

    Anyone going? I plan on stopping by Friday night on my way up to Dennis Anderson's mud bog. Any info on ticket prices?
  13. rns0504

    Salinas last weekend

    Any results? I cant find anything about it except the listing on TheMonsterBlog's schedule Looked like a good lineup... Bigfoot, TIme Flys, Obsession, Obsessed, and Fired Up?
  14. monsterinvt

    essex jct this weekend

    does anyone know who is driving digger el toro is there to anyone going its on the 7th and 8th
  15. jktremor81

    Mineral Wells, WV Roll Call for next weekend!!!

    I gonna be there are you? Hope to see some of my fellow board members there!!!:Thumbs up:
  16. jeb134

    Yuba City Outlaw Show this weekend

    Anyone know the lineup? And is it just one show or two like it has been in the past?
  17. JER

    Memorial weekend Silver Lake Mi.(few pics)

    finally got the truck up in the dunes with the big tires. didn't quite go like Bigfoot did but it was fun. time for a big block for sure!! had the truck floating in this water hole a little bit. the hole was a little small. the jeep didn't fair so well!!
  18. lefty91101

    PowerBlock This Weekend

    Thought I'd give everyone a heads up. Got an email from SpikeTV little while ago saying Greg and Zach Adams are hosting the PowerBlock with Courtney Hanson this weekend. http://www.powerblocktv.com/blog/
  19. 72ZEBRA

    Ride Truck needed for Prom in Wheeler TX this weekend!!!

    Please call asap!! Easy fun job for a Ride Truck. Wheeler TX is about 35 miles east of Amarillo. Call me (580) 450-0548!! THANKS