1. F

    Show Related Anyone notice..

    FELD hasnt announced any trucks for the WF and its February?
  2. M

    Monster Mutt & Team Hot Wheels Confirmed For MJWF13, But Who's Driving?

    The Monster Jam website has announced that Monster Mutt and Team Hot Wheels are gonna be at the World Finals, but it don't show that Dan Evans will be driving. So who will be driving, or who do you want to see driving the 2 trucks. I want Charlie Pauken to drive Team Hot Wheels, he's been...
  3. AuzGrams

    Monster Jam's future at Sam Boyd Stadium for the World Finals???

    I've been reading some football forums, and noticed about UNLV possibly building an on-campus football stadium, as Sam Boyd Stadium is starting to get outdated, and pretty far out from town and the campus a bit. It sounds like UNLV is planning on building a 36-40,000 seat stadium (dome) similar...
  4. TN_Outllaw

    World series thread

    Anyone else gonna watch besides me? I'm rooting for the Cards, but I haven't seen Texas play at all except in highlight clips. I've heard they're pretty tough though offensively.
  5. B

    Dennis Anderson Around the World in 80 Ways.

    Heres a link to the preview.
  6. Snowball

    World's Youngest Girl MT Driver

    Last Saturday, our 14 year old daughter, Rosalee, drove in her first professional event. She's been working up to this for quite some time, and was very excited. She designed her own firesuit. After her run she went out and greeted all her new fans! She...
  7. P

    Announcing the NAME for the World's Largest Street Legal 4x4 tonight!

    We've drilled through all the name submissions to finally come down to one. It was tough, but we feel the name fits the truck very well and stands for and has a good theme behind it. To hear the name that you'll probably hear plenty of times elsewhere (pending Guinness Book of World Records)...
  8. P

    World's Biggest Street Legal 4x4 - About to be on the move - and new pics!

    You have to see the new pics up on the site. The first picture on the page really puts it into perspective! There's also a tracking map at the bottom of the submit form now, so you can see in real time where the truck is as it travels through each state. Click here to Check out the pics, and...
  9. P

    Prize Announced for Naming the World's Largest Street Legal 4x4

    It's official, the grand prize winner with the chosen name will receive a $1000 International Gas Card. So keep thinking of those names and sending them in! And get ready for it's trip on major highways across the South through Texas up to Colorado.
  10. P

    AMPED FOR TONIGHT'S SHOW! and more about the world's largest street legal 4x4!

    1st half of the show, we're having Glenn Harris, owner of the World's Largest Street Legal 4x4 calling in, and Dan Delasantos, partners, both partners of Magic Motorsports LLC.We will be discussing more about the truck, answering anyone's questions on the chat or if you want to call in to ask...
  11. P

    World's Largest Street Legal 4x4!

    We're running a contest for naming the World's Largest Street Legal 4x4 that will be traveling across the country from Florida to Colorado in August. The dates will be specific with a location throughout each state, and we'll keep posting updates on where its going and where it currently is. To...
  12. MadRat

    2012 Monster Jam World Finals XIII QUALIFIER flag

    2012 Monster Jam World Finals XIII QUALIFIER flag For those who are interested in a large HQ res. flag template (10Mb) to use for a big scale RC truck, email me: [email protected] --------------------------------------------------------------------- Previous WF's Qualifier...
  13. B

    2012 Monster Jam World Finals Qualifiers

    As some of you may or may not know, Tom Meents is the first qualifier to go to the World Finals. Next qualifier to be announced on July 9, at Baltimore, MD
  14. stormrider_67

    World Finals XII DVD Pre-Order

    Popped up on the site today! Order before 07/04 and get $5 off your next order of $20 or more. Personally, I'll be holding out and hoping a BluRay version is released like last year.
  15. A

    Tanner Foust sets new world record 332 feet! There's the video folks! That was sick!
  16. Bad Habit

    BAD HABIT Official Guinness World Record

    I am proud to announce that Guinness World Records approved my world record jump from last September. It has taken a while with having to mail everything overseas and to be honest I was a little late getting it to them as well with how busy we were during first quarter this year. But the...
  17. rocku

    World Finals CBS Sunday

    Just a reminder, Sunday on CBS the world finals Recap show.
  18. W

    Chris Bergeron: The Real World Finals Story

    Hello Everyone What I am about to post came straight from MR. Excitement himself in the pits at Tucson this weekend. There was a lot of crazy talk flying around the forum regarding Chris's condition, and also what happend so here it is. First and most importantly Chris is ok he was knocked out...
  19. ed3165

    New BTl posted World Finals Edition.

    This week Ed Hoormann, Dustin Hart, and Robby Haught are your host of Beyond the Lens. We review and go over the news from the World finals. Also its our one year anniversary thank you for listing enjoy. Beyond The Lens.
  20. 575Hemi

    World Finals Chat Night

    Head over into the Mayhem Chat and join in on the fun...