2008 Hot Wheels Monster trucks

I found a few 2008 Hot Wheels Monster trucks today...

There will be a total of 70 this year as they are numbered #/70.

I picked up a few of them including all 3 CSK Trucks and Captain Curse!!!

On the box they have pictured included Wrecking Crew , Iron Warrior and Backdraft.

This year they also have
Tilt offs (undercovers) and


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Up to date list:

2008 #1 Grave Digger
2008 #2 Hot Wheels
2008 #3 Iron Outlaw
2008 #4 El Toro Loco
2008 #5 Avenger (Shoxx)
2008 #6 Blue Thunder
2008 #7 Iron Outlaw (Tilt Offs) NEW
2008 #8 Maximum Destruction
2008 #9 American Guardian
2008 #10 Screamin Demon
2008 #11 Grave Digger (Spectra Flames) NEW
2008 #12 Predator
2008 #13 Captians Curse NEW
2008 #14 Bounty Hunter
2008 #15 Scarlet Bandit (Spectra Flames) NEW
2008 #16 Fullboar
2008 #17 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Red headband)
2008 #18 Maximum Destruction (Spectra Flames) NEW
2008 #19 Monster Mutt Dalmation
2008 #20 Wrecking Crew NEW
2008 #21 Taz
2008 #22 Backdraft NEW paint

2008 #?/70 Pastrana 199
2008 #?/70 Iron Warrior
2008 #?/70 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Orange headband)
2008 #?/70 Destroyer (Shoxx) NEW
2008 #?/70 Bounty Hunter (Spectra-Flames) NEW
2008 #?/70 HotWheels (Spectra-Flames) NEW
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He, he.

Still all i really want to really completer my collection is well...

Destroyer (New truck after WF 8)
Escalade (Black and white)
Bob and Tom
Safe Auto
Black Stallion
King Krunch (Fiesta, 06 WF 7)
War Wizard (NEW)
Maniac (Big Wheels)
Jurassic Attack (blue cartoon barney color)

That's 12 so, maybe, maybe not.

Trucks for a fact that they are not going to make:

Predator (Old paint big wheels)
Prowler (old paint big wheels)
Gunslinger (old paint big wheels)
Del Scorcho

But enough with list making, im just excited some one found Captain's Curse


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already picked up Captains Curse and Scarlet Bandit...i can't buy them all tho...i've literally run out of room, between collecting MJ trucks, Pixar Cars, Mortal Kombat Figures, Universal Monsters, and Nascar stuff.


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I think I read on Flame Motorsport's website that there's going to be a new El Matador Hot Wheels, let's see if I can find it...
"El Matador will also get a new design that Hotwheels laid out for us, thanks goes to the guys at Hotwheels for the work they put into both the trucks. El Matador gets a new toy for 08 along with the new design."


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so what exactly is spectra flames??? do you have a picture of any of them madrat? I dont think i have seen them yet, if so i havent noticed..

also, is the new paint excaliber even out yet? or was it considered last years????

and if it is out, and anyone has an extra, PM me if you want to get rid of it!!!


Optimus Bling.

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Excuse my HW geekiness here(I collect HW.)SpectraFlame is HW talk to Metallic paint. It's HW version of Metallic, just less flakes than normal. Thats all!

Jason Twite

Cindy -- I've only seen two Excalibers and I bought one and left the other a couple weeks ago. They've come and gone around here. The entire last shipment of trucks was skipped in my area too.


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The Hot Wheels development team had come up with a "California" look which included brilliant candy-colored paint jobs with a metallic finish, which Mattel called "Spectraflame."

The process for achieving that great look was quite elaborate: the car bodies were polished to a mirror shine, then spray-painted with fragile but eye-catching transparent paint.

There were fourteen colors in the palette for Hot Wheels; Mattel`s names for them were Aqua, Blue, Blue Fog, Brown, Gold, Green, Lavender, Lime, Lime Gold, Magenta, Olive, Orange, Purple and Red.
The original idea was that each model would be sold in two of the colors, and these were specified in the 1968 Hot Wheels catalog.
--->>> http://www.redlinesonline.com/Spectraflame_colors.html

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I got a Scarlet Bandit one for Jazzy and its awesome looking!!!! big difference in color from regular one from 2007
I drove around to every kmart, walmart, and meijers by me to find a Scarlet Bandit, took the target next to Allstate Arena to find it. Only to find out it was at the Target about 15 blocks from my house. Its a lighter shade of scarlet/pink/red, and the blue flames are noticably lighter as well.


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Cindy -- I've only seen two Excalibers and I bought one and left the other a couple weeks ago. They've come and gone around here. The entire last shipment of trucks was skipped in my area too.

wanna sale it??? yikes, santa is having a hard time with this one!!!

& i guess i havent seen any spectra trucks cause nothing is jumping out at me...