2014 Demolition Doubles


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The Monster Jam Demolition Doubles are returning in 2014.
Team Hot Wheels Firestorm vs. Metal Mulisha:

Crushstation vs. Shark Wreak:


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I'm really not a fan of that Shark truck. We got it back in 2010 and it was cool for a kid to get, but having the same fictional trucks every year is getting dull.

Change them up, at least color schemes if you can't design new ones, HW.

Although we have most of the fake trucks , I'd be completely fine if they were dropped to make more room for real truck variants, even if just different Mud Trucks or more WF updates (Avenger mainly).

I'd love to see some new ones with mud instead of the same ones over and over.

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Can't forget Zombie vs. Captains Curse Inferno vs. Backdraft and Predator vs. Monster Mutt plus El Toro Loco vs. Bulldozer

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