2015 4 link Nationals (Samson Race Shop)


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Since things are still a little slow around here I'll post this here as well. Bari recently held a grade A RC event at the home of the Samson Monster Truck. What a awesome venue for an event!

Killer event. Over 200 entires, 125 alone in the clod class! Thanks to Axial, Proline, Bari, Eric, Jamie, and of course the Patrick family for making this event a blast to attend!

Full album available here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskjGSQ9s

Little taste of whats in the 700+ photos



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very cool. I have seen these trucks starting to pop up a lot recently. Any more info on them. I currently have an hpi savage


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200+ entries, 125 of which were Modified Tamyia Clodbusters which run aftermarket everything except gearcases, gears, and wheels(and a few other little things but thats the majority).

Retro uses a mix of TxT-1 and Clod based trucks to replicate the 80's and leaf sprung type trucks (no 4links)

Then two shaft driven classes for race trucks that are based around a shaft driven truck like the TXT, Axial Wraith, wheely kings, and or any other shaft driven solid axle truck.

All electric powered.