2015 MJ first wave...get ready for "Battle Slammers"


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Whoa, they switched the linked picture on me...it was a Halloween Zombie.

I just picked up Doom's Day and the yellow Bounty Hunter!



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Just bought Shocker and Instigator...first finds in stores for a long time.

On eBay a lot of new stuff coming out.

First, Monster Mutants:

A Zombie special edition:

A Dragon special edition:

And the 2015 Christmas trucks, looking about the same as last year:

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End-of-the-run 2015s showing up locally now.

Just picked up Devastator (mud), Destroyer (new body) and Thrasher (green body).

Hopefully the other missing trucks show up too soon.

2016s starting to trickle onto shelves but nothing new that we need. The case with the blue Crushstation was in, but that truck not on the pegs. Saw it on the back of another truck's card.