2019 diecast: Hot Wheels out, Spin Master in.


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Sad that HW is no longer going to produce Monster Jam diecasts, but Spin Master's stuff looks great from the previews I have seen.

Hot Wheels started a new line of fictional trucks and MAY be making Bigfoot trucks, including told school bodies.

Anyone else excited for the change?


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We've started getting the Spinmaster trucks...and they blow Hot Wheels away in every way!

The quality, the accuracy, scale...everything. They have headers and headlights and even a driver inside now, the wheel spacing is more realistic and better yet, more Indy trucks and updated schemes for everyone instead of Hot Wheels always releasing the same old print jobs and inaccurate bodies for years. Stinger's coming out in Mix D!

Same price at Walmart too. $3.88.

Hot Wheels is making some fun concepts and paint schemes in their new line, but they made the tires so huge it looks cartooonish for the kids...but I guess that's the goal. They are releasing old school Bigfoots though, have not found one yet. Strangely the non-real Hot Wheels Monster Trucks went up to $4.97 in Walmart. We've bought a few for fun but we're mainly interested in Spnimaster's real monster trucks now.


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What happened to Hot Wheels?
Contract between HW and MJ ended.

Spinmaster took over and are kicking HW's butt in detail and quality...and selection of Indy trucks.

Hot Wheels makes their own line of mostly-fictional trucks, but did pick up a contract with Bigfoot!

The next case is going to have Stinger Unleashed in it..will buy all of those I see, that's our local monster truck hero.