Truck Related 2019 list of monster trucks for sale

The Canadian Rockhead

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It's been a while since a list has been posted, so I thought I'd do it. Feel free to comment with any additions or corrections.

Trucks currently believed to be or known to be for sale:

Ground Pounder
Sudden Impact
Amsoil Shock Therapy
Mechanical Mischief
old Jersey Outlaw
unnamed green truck (ex-Cyclone) - Don Royalty
Nitro Hornet
Radical Motion
Wicked Sickness
Pony Express
Looney Tune Express (ride truck)
Extreme Team (ride truck)


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This is not necessarily related to this topic, but for those who might be interested, I just wanted to say that I’m a newcomer to the sport, and will be starting construction on a brand new monster truck (my first truck!) late this summer. It will be a state-of-the-art, monster jam-quality truck. I’m pretty sure I will be going with a Cohen chassis, and I will most definitely be having Richard Midgette from Feld build the engine for it. My budget for the truck is pretty much unlimited, so it will certainly be the nicest piece on the circuit once it’s done and ready to compete. I plan to debut the truck in 2020, and to eventually have a 2-3 truck team. That will be further down the road though. My team will focus almost solely on the racing side of competition, so my selection of chassis and components will be of the best standard for handling, speed, and tunability, so my testing and development program on the racing end will likely be the most extensive in the business.

I plan to start a YouTube channel before I start building the first truck that will be all about building, driving, and owning a monster truck, as well as starting and owning a team. My first series of videos will be a lengthy series of in depth videos detailing and chronicling the construction of my first truck from beginning to end. I plan to include all the information needed to help one get started and complete a truck. There will be lots of other info and cool topics too. I’ve got some huge plans, so stay tuned because I will be posting a special thread for my projects when the time comes!