4 Pettibone 15 Ton Planetaries, Never On Truck

Christian Riedel

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I have 4 Pettibone Pie Pan ends I pulled off a Pettibone MK-30 crane. These are the 15 ton axles that everyone is looking for, and since they are off the crane rather than other equipment they have the stronger knuckles. I believe they are rezeppa style, though I haven't had time to get them apart. I need to sell these to get back into school, because if I don't graduate I have no way to build a monster truck anyway and they will be useless to me. I'm going to throw them up at 700 a piece (the price I have been seeing lately) OBO, I want to sell all 4 together to save hassle. They are located in Houghton, MI. It is in the upper penninsula around 2 hours from the Wisconsin border. Contact Christian (906) 281-6102 or email at [email protected] Thanks.