80s Palyskool SST Pulling Sled (Bigfoot, Orange Blossom, etc)


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I have pulled my SST pulling sled from the archives and am planning on giving to my son for Christmas as he lives, breathes, and dies tractor pulling. He has all the pulling units he needs, now just needs a sled. With that being said, my sled is in great shape. However, I need to know the dimensions of the o-ring / drive belt that comes off the drive axle pulley to the driven pulley on the worm gear. I plan on going to the hardware store to see what I can find, but would appreciate any information from anyone that may have already experienced this problem and needed to replace theirs. I greatly appreciate your time and consideration.



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That is exactly what to do Aaron, hit up your local hardware store and get some O-rings.


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Well interestingly enough, the Christmas present went over well. I was able to acquire the "drive belt" by gaining a metric o-ring from a company that repairs hydraulic cylinders. I apologize I don't have the size but they were great to work with. If I can find it, I will certainly post it.

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Earlier this spring, the awe of the SST sled wore off as he saw something he "had to have." I posted the link below. Because of budget, I had to explain I didn't have the money to get one. I then stumbled upon the next attachment at an auction and brought it home. The seller had a bunch of R/C cars and trucks and built the sled for he and his son. His son lost interest, replacing the interest with girls so it was said...haha.

My 5 yr old loved the new sled for a short while but kept coming back to the Playin' Hooky sled...because it has a cab and it looks like a real tractor pulling sled. Simply stated, his heart is set on that unit. So, I am going to attempt to sell my SST sled and the R/C sled to help fund the sled of choice. Oh the things we parents do for our kids. But he had a great year in school this year after getting off to a rough start. I am pleased with his progress, but the fine line I do not want to cross is "spoiling him too much." :)


The sled below measures 19" long, 8" wide, and 6" high at its tallest point when weight box is lower position, and weighs 7 lbs. The sled has a 14 1/2 ft run to full pull.