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Aidan Andrew Glenn Calhoun was born on November 11, 1997, at 9:17am in Turin, Italy. Aidan was migrated to Canada 2 weeks later and was raised there. He was rushed to the BC Children?s Hospital in Vancouver, BC later that day with his heart fully blocked and needed surgery from more than 13 surgeons. On July 15th, 1998, Aidan?s family had probably the scariest and most sad day in their lives, Aidan had a Heart Attack, a stroke to both sides of a brain, of which it was minor, and other things that almost killed him, the doctors told the family that Aidan was not to live past the age of 5 because of the current condition he was in. Aidan was to be trached during this time, to keep him breathing. The trachea was a Shiley 4.0 and Aidan had to have a pacemaker to keep his heart going at normal person pace, minding it to be changed every 7 years (1997, 2004, 2012, etc.). He also had to have a G-Tube in his stomach to feed him. That was removed in June 2005. Aidan broke his arm in January of 2001, needing another surgery, this time, at Royal Columbian. Aidan needed 6 weeks of recovery at home, and was tutored school in the process. After the 6 weeks, Aidan was back at school. He was to take kindergarten again due to a pacemaker change on December 16th, 2004, and other problems throughout the year. Aidan, when he was 5, talked vocally for the first time. He was using sign language to speak in the first 4 years. Skipping ahead to 2011, Aidan had 6 teeth surgically removed which were 4 molars, 2 incisors. In 2012, Aidan once again had a pacemaker change.

Aidan is Fond of Monster Truck Racing, in 2008; he got to go to the Monster Truck World Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada and loves to go back at any year.

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Well, I'm glad you made through all your medical ordeals of life. I too have delt with a serious medical problems in my life. I'm a stronger and better person becuase of my disabilities. I hope that is the same for you. Welcome to this crazy wild messageboard.


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Sounds like a tough life to live, but it's great you're making it through. Best wishes and good luck to you and as said, welcome to the asylum... Err, I mean Monster Mayhem! Yeah, welcome to the boards!

enjoy your stay... (muuaa haa haaa haaaa)


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That must've been very tough to go through, and I'm glad you were brave enough to go through those surgeries. You should definitely mention this story of yours if you go to the World Finals in Las Vegas.

I've known a boy 4 years younger than me experiencing almost what you had, but he had it in the groin area (can't remember exactly as this was about 4-6 years ago) and had to have that feeding tube into his stomach which he complained that it felt weird. I have been friends with him for a very long time, and thankfully he made it through with flying colors. Our Family will be praying for you, Aiden. :)