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Jason Twite

First a little "Mayhem"....

The re-bodied BK Wraps sponsored Lil' Miss Dangerous, featuring Monster Mayhem and Michigan Monster Trucks, joined Jim Burns' Mechanical Mischief at Route 66 Raceway for last night's Team Demolition Derby Tournament of Destruction.

With the Monster Nationals season over and the brand new LMD body not yet ready to rock, Perrin Motorsports decided to really change things up and connected with new sponsor BK Wraps to put together this sharp looking design.

Monster Mayhem owners, as well as Elliott miller of Michigan Monster, were very excited to hear that this concept was taking shape and couldn't be happier with the results. Monster Mayhem graphics on the bedsides, MMT on the roof, new flame colors and lettering for LMD on the doors, and some sweet pink flames & barb wire on the nose.

The trucks wouldn't stay clean for long and in the next post you'll see just what the nasty, thick mud at Route 66 did to the trucks and how each driver conquered the conditions!

Jason Twite

And now the mud...

A single car and car-van-car pyramid awaited the monsters out in 6 inches of thick, disgusting, stick-to-everything mud. Big treds? Forget about it. Might as well be bald tires on ice.

Each truck would freestyle by themselves and then conclude the session with a dual freestyle.

Jocelyn fired up LMD and got a good run at the pyramid and stood the truck way up but lost all momentum in the process. With no grip to get over the stack, the chassis came smashing down right in the center of the van and she was not going anywhere.

After an assist from the loader, Perrin was on her way and ready to unless h**l on the track. She went right back to the pyramid and blasted over the top of the van and never touched the second car. The sell-out crowd of nearly 8,000 were already going crazy and it was just the beginning.

Perrin continued to beat up the single car and took a few more leaps over the pyramid and then unleashed a blistering set of mud-slingin' donuts much to the delight of the crowd. Excellent run.

Burns rolled out Mechanical Mischief and nailed the pyramid with no troubles and grabbed some decent air off the single car and even threw in a few donuts of his own. Another good run and LMD was fired up ready to roar back into the mud!

Both trucks laid waste to the single Caddilac and desimated the remains of the pyramid with several back-to-back leaps.

Jocelyn ripped into another donut and this time was not about to let off the gas! She pegged the throttle to the floor and the truck looked more like a lime green/pink/silver blur! Absolutely nuts! :eek: The stylish flames out the pipes were blasting full force as she spun and spun and crowd was at a fever pitch!

Huge ovation for both trucks as they pulled to the stands. Awesome job by both driver during a near 8-minute combined freestyle!

But, the crowd wanted MORE! And Jocelyn was more than happy to ablige as the "Donut! Donut! Donut!" chant thundered from the stands. She headed out into the mud and slammed the throttle down but that's when disaster struck!

Fire engulfed the engine area and Jocelyn immediately shut the truck off and was ready to bail out but thankfully they burned out within 5 seconds and only smoke lingered. The LMD crew examined the damage the results were not good...

The aftermath is next...


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**** good post Jason. Too bad Jocelyn wrecked the motor. THe graphics on the truck look good and the mayhem logo adds a nice touch to it.

Jason Twite

The Aftermath...

The attempted encore donut was a costly one for Lil' Miss Dangerous. The steel rods ripped into the oil pan rendering possibly a complete loss of the engine. :( A devastating conclusion to what was a great night for the monsters. I asked Burns if he broke anything as sparks were seen coming from the front end after one of his jumps and his response was "I don't know, it's all buried in mud!" How right he was...

Both trucks were covered from tire to roof in mud. It clung to engine parts, wiring, bolts, everything. Even our nice looking Mayhem bed sides were just another victim of the conditions.

HUGE thanks to Jeff & Jocelyn Perrin & everyone @ Perrin Motorsports for their generosity to plaster Mayhem on the truck and to campaign the body for the rest of the summer. Big Thanks to the guys at BK Wraps for their quick work too.

Equally huge thanks to both teams for their performances and putting up with the car-killing circus that is our Team Demolition Derby events.

Video coming soon!!!


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Not a good ending for the Perrin team!!! Will they be back in action in time for Monroe this coming week?


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That sucks... I was really hoping to see the new body. But hey you can't complain with Zimmer!


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Great pics, and if you're going to blow a motor, that's the way to do it! Were the flames coming out before just for show like when guys put spark plugs on their exhaust tips on hot rods, or just raw fuel?


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Man, now I'm wishing I would have volunteered to film for you this weekend :D. That looks like one of the better MT showings at TDAs, wish I could have been there.

What was the runtime on the whole show? And who won the Demo aspect?


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Man looks like a great show! I love the picture of both trucks facing the grandstands and LMD still flaming. Great pics and coverage!


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did i see a loader tire out there i hope that wasnt one of the obsticals offered at the event:eek:


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did i see a loader tire out there i hope that wasnt one of the obsticals offered at the event:eek:
No, the tires are used as turning "posts" for the Team Demolition Derby races, pretty much to be something that isn't easily moved while providing a little bit of cushion if someone hits them at 60mph.

Incase you don't know what TDA is, here's a video Jason's pit together of the May 2008 TDA show:
[ame=""]YouTube - Team Demolition Derby :: Round 1 Recap[/ame]

Jason Twite

Any flames out of LMD during the performance were intentional. Whether they're spark-plug induced, I'm not sure, have to ask Jeff or wait for Elliott to reply back.


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So whats the story on this Mechanical Mischief truck? Is it a new chassis or a repaint of an old truck? This is the first I've heard of it.

Cale Putnam

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When Jason asked me for the logo files again a few weeks ago, I wasn't sure if anything would come of it...but it looks awesome!

The NORRA logo I made also showed up as a decal on Thrasher today, too...I'm not the best graphic artist in the world, but my stuff is getting out there lol.

[email protected]

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Now after looking at the pictures..... that little one night deal probably cost the Perrins in the neighborhood of $15,000 - $20,000 not to mention the show they will not be able to do & lost merchandise sales. That is a heck of alot of money to lose to make back, at the current cost of diesel fuel and other related expenses.

That is the reality of this business folks. Even if you have a spare motor to drop in as the Perrins do have it still cost some seroius cash to repair the toasted motor.

Some of you have criticized drivers for not running as hard as you maybe thought they should have in a show, well all I can say is there are reasons more times than not for that. It's called conserving your equipment. In this instance the crowd saw a heck of a show , the Perrins go home with a very expensive engine repair bill and about 4 days of cleaning. Jos is a true entertainer & a serious competitor and gives her 110% everytime she gets in that truck to give the fans what they expect to see. That comes with a price that the fans have no idea of.

What I am saying is as a driver as the saying in the business go's " drive accordingly" So for those of who think that a show was weak or a driver was not running as well as you thought he could.... there are alot of perimeters that figure in that the average fan has no clue of.

The difference between a 20 yr old driver and a 40 yr old driver ?

The 20 yr old says " if I can make this it will look cool ! "

The 40 yr old says " if I do this this it might tear up the truck and cost me a bunch of money to repair it"

The next time your favorite team or driver has one of those unforunate nights impress them by you the fan digging in your pockets and send them a check to help with repairs..... You know it's no big deal it's only money right ?

Just a thought to keep in mind for future reference :)