Amite, LA (pics coming soon)


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I just have to re size pics but I'll post a few later on. All I can say is what a weekend! 4 shows filled with good runs by all trucks (Wild Thang - Jeremy Shipman, Monster Patrol - David Brown Monkey N' Around - Steven Hill, Cult Energy Activator - Sean Duhon, and Bobo - Sudden Impact), some darn good bull riding, quads, and and rc jumping the Cult truck and even the Cult tank!

Bobo in Sudden Impact really kicked off the weekend turning Sudden Impact over in Friday's wheelie contest bending a 4-link bar and doing body damage. Sean Duhon in the Cult Energy Activator was able to take out Steven Hill in Monkey N' Around in racing. Duhon went on to add a trophy to his collection with an excellent freestyle run.

Saturday afternoon was extremely hot but that didn't stop all the great crews from running! Racing pitted both Sudden Impact members against each other in finals. Duhon was victorious over his teammate Bobo but not without Bobo putting up a good race. Freestyle was taken by Sean Duhon yet again! He was tearin' it up in Amite!

Saturday night the heat was turned up on the track. With a full arena the monsters went to war. Being braindead at this point and sick I believe Duhon took a win in wheelie contest due to a cheer off with Steven Hill. Please by all means correct me if I'm wrong. Racing finals were again Steven Hill in Monkey N' and Sean Duhon in Cult. Duhon barely and I mean BARELY went over the cars first giving him another racing win. Freestyle had a battle going on. All drivers did their best. Jeremy Shipman in Wild Thang came out strong but had his run cut short due to steering problems. David Brown in Monster Patrol was really out to win attempting slap wheelies and getting nice wheelies of the cars. Bobo hammered down and did a nice job of keeping the peddle down nailing everything in sight. Steven Hill in Monkey N' around also came out strong but his run was cut short to fire visible on the engine. Lastly Sean Duhon was out in Cult. Peddle to the metal Duhon was relentless finishing up his run with a nice set of donuts thus giving him the win. Definately a good show. Being this is mayhem the spotlight is on the monsters but BIG props go out to the quad guys and bull riders.

I'd love to recap Sunday but I won't give any false results. I was pretty much burnt out and do not remember who won what exactly other than Steven Hill taking a racing win against David Brown in the closest race of the weekend. So please someone help me out here!

Being this is mayhem the spotlight is on the monsters but BIG props go out to the quad guys and bull riders. These guys gave it their aswell. Atleast two bull riders were roughed up over the weekend aswell as a few quad guys taking spills. So definitely show some respect for them. Also all the crews out over the weekend definitely worked their butts off so alot of credit is due to them! Sunday rains didn't make it easy on anyone to load up! Pics coming later so keep an eye out!

Before I get ran over by Pond Scum or a monster Go Kart... I"d also like to give props to Durty Dingus! Dingus really fell off the wagon this weekend! He was climbing all over the Cult tank, standing in path of enraged bulls with a dress on, mimicking a manequin with a broom, and the list goes on! Heck he was even drag racing! (don't ask) Dingus really made the show entertaining and made alot of people laugh so BIG props to him aswell!
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[ame=""]YouTube - MVI 1290[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - MVI 1093[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - MVI 1092[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - MVI 1284[/ame]


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did one of those cowboys put a spur in seans rearend..he usually hates freestyle but looked like he was having a blast there.way to go buddy..

the crowd looked like it was horrible this year


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Dingus needs a tan ...

Looked like a good show.. Just curious (not trying to start stuff or anything)but how high are the safety holds/railing ? Obviously able to put on a show there no doubt..


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I can't tell you the exact height but I felt pretty safe in the stands. To my knowledge there hasn't been too many mishaps in Amite.


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Thanks to all the drivers, crews and everyone involved, it was a great show, as always in Amite. Every single team did an outstanding job. And, you're absolutely right, so did the bull riders, ATV riders, Dingus and everyone involved. We couldn't have asked for more! It's great to see the people heading for their cars after the show with the smiles on their faces! Good job everybody!!

(As you all know, I don't like to post on here due to all the petty stuff that goes on somtimes, so for me to come on here and thank you all - I obviously mean it!!)

:D Gale