amp kalamazoo/lacrosse/duluth

north star

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anyone have the complete line ups

duluth: monster moose, public disturbance

lacrosse: monster moose, public disturbance, bigfoot

kalamazoo: reptiod, Holmans beast, bigfoot, ironman, viper
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That Sucks, Its The Same Date As The Ford Field Show (i've Been Wanting To See A K-zoo Show) Whats Your Guys Opinion Of It ?

slap wheelie

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any news on the other 2 events?
From a reliable source:

Jan. 18th & 19 Aztec NM,

"BIGFOOT".."NASTY BOY".."UN-NAMED" " "Tuff Enuff" "Pit Bull"
Tuff Trucks.....Quads.......

Jan. 18th & 19th Bossier City, LA.

Free Syle...Globe of Death...Mud Boggs...Tuff Trucks........

Jan. 18th & 19th KALAMAZOO, MI

Mud Boggs & Tuff Trucks

Jan. 25th & 26th EL Paso, NM

Same line-up as AZTEC, NM

Not Bad Shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!