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I may post some pics tomorrow, but a quick recap.

Hundreds of fans had to be turned away at the door as AMP sold out the one-night only event at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA. Fans were packed to the rafter inside the truly classic Farm Show Arena. (If you like old arenas, you would *love* this place. Wooden seats, step stairs, spooky hallways . . . it's got it all)

Dalton in Bigfoot won the wheelie contest, as none of the drivers were able to get much going vertically. Jerry Dalton barely won racing over Tim Mente in Storm Damage. Dalton won the race on 7 cylinders, but that would be his last time out, as the engine gave way after racing. In freestyle, Tim Bee stole the show with a big jump over the van, which beat out Mente's donuts for the freestyle win.

FMX guys were awesome, and the quad racing was some of the best I've seen. Both from the youth and the adults. The tacky track helped them whip it around with great speed.

Also, great job from the announcer, Randy Taylor. Kept the crowd involved and did a good job.

Overall, it was a very well run event. The crowd was huge (and they sold out in Buffalo, too) and had a great time. All the competitors did a great job, too. In comparison to other events, truthfully it was probably middle-of-the-road, but that's not to say it wasn't good. Like I said, very solid event. Breakage hindered things, but I'm sure they'll be a big crowd next year, too.

Thanks to Ron and Scott at AMP for their hospitality and to all the drivers and crews I got to chat with. It always makes for a nicer event when you have good people to deal with it.


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Photographs from the AMP Harrisburg event.

An aerial shot of the successful pit party.

Jerry Dalton's pride and joy at getting to drive Bigfoot is palpable. He's an excellent addition to the team.

The American Thunder ride truck had long lines all night long.

The show started at 7:30. This was the line at 7:15. Unfortunately, the show was sold out at around 7:00.





A tight fit for Shockwave in the lower concourse.

Fans always love FMX, and these two young riders did an exceptional job.

Dalton's winning wheelie pass.

Quad Racers

Quad Racers

Quad Racers

Okay, so *one* kid didn't like the ride truck . . .

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Like I said, if you love old arenas, this is a great place to visit.

The marker writing reads "Bodies: with or without heads".

Heat #1 - Mente defeats Braukman

Heat #2 - Dalton defeats Bee

Finals - Dalton barely knocks off Mente

Bill Braukman in freestyle.

Tim Mente got the crowd on his side with some fast donuts.

Mente takes on the van stack with ease.

Tim Bee gets it up on two wheels during his freestyle run.

The winning move in the freestyle event. HUGE air from Killer Bee.


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Hey Brian, it was great to meet you and have your presents at the show. Love the pics! Just got back to the motel room to get some zzz's before heading back to STL in the morning. Truely feel like an a** for not getting to freestyle tonight.

I really had fun this weeked and much thanks to Chuck, Justin and Dave for all the hard work they did settting up an awsome track in less than 8 hours.



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My son and I attended the AMP show in Buffalo last night. There was a great crowd on hand but it did not sell out. Seven trucks on hand including Bigfoot 10, Bear Foot, Bounty Hunter, After Shock, The General, Public Disturbance, and Miss Monster Moose. After Shock beat Bounty Hunter in racing and had an awesome freestyle.


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Thanks Brian for the photos. I would have gone to the even, even had my ticket, but I had a family emergency. Looks like an awesome show and hopefully AMP will bring another show back next year, maybe even 2 shows.

The concourse where the monsters were parked is pretty tight, as the PSM show a couple years ago they squeezed 7 trucks in their. I also see that they blocked off more than one row of seating for the event.


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Wow, great pictures! Looked like a very professional job, the AMP shows look alot better with a full dirt floor!


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Amp Show

Sounds like the AMP Shows this weekend ROCKED,,,I'm really hoping they make it to Binghamton in April as it was mentioned on Monster Blog Schedule listing,,,,i know i'll be going to Utica for that one though,,,,,Hope their websight catches up to their real life shows,,,then they will be a double winner!!!