Annual "Whad ya get?" Thread


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Seems like it develops every year, if the jolly fat man left you something interesting under the tree you are more than welcome to share it under this thread


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what'd i get.. i got

- Dale JR Clock
- Indianapolis Colts stuff
- 2005 Pontiac MJ Tour shirt
- Taz Pennant
- Maxd - Pennant
- Grave Digger Garage Sign
- couple lil other things



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Seems every year my wife gets me clothes or something that is the total opposite style than I like. I tell her this every year also but she doesnt give up. This year again I got some more nice clothes that any 18yr old urban kid would love. But Im a 37 year old country boy? I wont wear the crap EVER, but she wont give up. By the way she is Dominican, speaks 6 languages, and has a masters degree and several more. The pure definition of "High Maintenance"!! She cant take the country boy out of me and I cant make her a country girl either. I guess its a draw. Anyone else have this problem with a "City Girl" spouse?

Dave Genest

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Gibson exhaust
Talladega nights
Guitar Hero2 (too bad my wireless guitars at my friends house)
Framed up pictures of some of my demo cars
Socks (who doesn't)
Work boots (I had to zip tie my old ones together and have worn them for 3 months like that)
6 piece plier set
Gear wrench set
and some small olds and ends.

\m/ this years haul was awesome


Santa brought a bag of clues to a couple people I know. They'll probably never take them out of the package though.

He should have given them some throttle-rhythm instead.


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Traxxas Stampede
Pro-Line Dodge Mega Cab body
Soldering Iron and deans
Digger hoodie
NJ Devils hoodie + shirt
Rambo shirt
Taz shirt (omg its really cheap...absolute crap, don't buy it if you were thinking about it. It looks nice when you look at it, but once you put it on its like wow...really bad)
NHL 07
Medal of Honor Heroes

Brandon Clark

Benchracer Extraordinaire

clothes, socks, that usual lot
3 different types of cologne (im taking that as a hint that either i stink or the cologne i use stinks)
various money from grandparents
Guitar Hero II (just the disc, i got the controller from the first one.)

and my very own bass guitar... its a second hand but it'll be great for me to learn on


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My family and I have decided not to do presents anymore. So instead we took a bunch of rifles and handguns out and blew stuff up. I shot a monster truck pinatta to shreds, it was awesome:cool:


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Lincoln SP 175 Plus welder
Welding cart
Welding spools (several)
Dumb and Dumber Unrated
Sixth Sense
Board games
Scooby Doo video game
$300 cash for my Truck build.


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Well lets see...
MT stuff:
Two of the Fan Favorites 4 packs
Hot Wheels and Iron Outlaw Circuit Crashers

Kasey Kahne gear:
hooded sweatshit
long sleeve t-shirt
Click movie car raced version 1/24
mouse pad
tin with candy inside

Misc. racing stuff:
Talladega Nights Unrated and Uncut
Little Debbie Ken Schrader cars and hauler
Bill Elliott's book

Other stuff:
$40 cash
$30 in Mcdonlads Gift Cards

Dave Collard

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World Finals 7 DVD, Last 4 Hot Wheels trucks I needed, New spiffy Digger Hoodie, Few CD's and DVD's and the really cool thing my Tamiya Lunch Box Monster Truck with all the fixin's which I just pulled myself away from thrashin' on right now lol.

Dustin Hart AM

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Got some really cool stuff this year
-ASUS A8N-E Motherboard
-600 watt Rosewill power supply for my computer
-Sapphire Radeon x1900GT
-160 GB External Hard Drive
-30 DVD-R's
-5 pound bag of Gummi Bears
-New Grave Digger shirt
-New Taz MT shirt
and Trevor and I are probably goin to Roanoke for the MJ so it's been a pretty good day.


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PS2 games-
Need For Speed Carbon
Cabelas african safari
Flat Out 2
Greg Hastings Paintball Max'd

Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift
Anger management
Mongoose Mountain Bike
JVC 540 watt stereo
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gene patterson's mtra jacket, 2 digger shirts, digger garage sign, bigfoot in action 2, talladega nights, 2 mod motors for my r/c trucks, r/c car action t-shirt, home improvement season 5, mx vs atv unleashed, a couple other shirts and a few gift cards.

Cale Putnam

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-Digger 25th HW set
-Black coat
-A nice pair of pants
-Vans sneakers
-Pseudo-Cadillac emblem bowling shirt
-Whose Line Is It Anyway? Uncensored DVD
-MythBusters DVD
-"Plausible" MythBusters T-shirt
-FlatOut 2 (teh awesome!)