Arena Truck League (ATL) forming now!


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an all new site, much like the famous Pro Truck Challenge or MTA, has been formed as of today. I have been put in charge of running this site, as a subsidary of the PTC. Joe has made the site, but i will be the one in charge of the actual events.

The ATL is a smaller version of the PTC. We will be running on primarily small venues, such as hockey arenas, basketball arenas, drag ways, and such as that. we will have 7 race weekends, all culminating in Bloomsburg PA. the racing all starts the wednesday before season 6 of PTC, and we will debut at Gateway International Park, the same place that the first monster truck race was at.

For the First 2 weeks, only rookies will be allowed to send in information. this means people that are not currently involved in MTA or PTC. After 2 weeks from today (10-12-08) anyone from the MTA, or the PTC will be allowed to join.

MTA members and PTC members may use their current trucks, or make new ones. PTC members may use their current point settings, as it will be the same point setup in the ATL as the PTC uses.

3d bodies are not allowed in the ATL, all american brands, cars, trucks, or suv's, are welcome.

When emailing to register, this is what you need.

First and last name
Name of your truck as well as a picture of it. applications with no picture will be dismissed.
driver name
team name
truck make and model

then, split 50 points across these 7 fields

Top Speed
Driver Skill
Truck Reliability
Car Crushing Control
Four Way Steering Control

then email [email protected] with your information.

go check it out!


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they are not arena trucks. they are monster trucks, but we race in small ARENA'S, hence the name ARENA truck league.

also something i forgot to mention. although there will only be 7 official events untill the fred shafer champion is chosen, the ATL will be doing many off season events, and coverages of what the trucks are doing. and in the off season, a special event like no other will take place for the first time. the ATL grudge match. in this event, anyone from the MTA, PTC, and ATL can race anyone from any of those three leagues, as long as emails are sent in to me, and the races will be set up. example:

Equalizer from the MTA would like to face Bloodlust from the PTC. that can happen very easily in a simple email!
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Hopefully I'll put a truck or two in to "test some things out" ;) Also can't wait for grudge matches. From all of us at Boyce Family Racin will talk to you soon! and remember Happy Car Crushin.


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we need some more entries guys! a main concern of people is that they dont know how to make trucks. we have a few trucks from team pman that were never used, those trucks are free to use. i'll post pictures in a little of these trucks.

open membership starts in just two days!


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Just sent information for Incinerator, hopefully we'll have good luck. Can't wait for the start of the season!


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Thanks Chris I'll do my best to try to get, mostly Sarge 2, but all the trucks on the PTC thread. Thanks again man.

RnW 13

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Red Foot Tank is ready for some action. Was built very lightweight compared to other Tanks, allowing it to be obviously lighter, faster, and more manueverable.:rolleyes:

I might just enter the Red Foot 3 into the ATL. Did I mention the exhaust shots fire??:D
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