Articles in the MJ Souvenr Yearbooks


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Remember when the MJ souvenir yearbooks would have articles on a certain truck, usually two?

1997 one had features on Boogey Van and Monster Patrol
1998 had a story on Wild Thang
1999 - Feature on Grave Digger
2000 - One page essays on Airborne Ranger, Samson
2001 - Feature on Goldberg
2002 - Feature celebrating the 20th anniversary of Grave Digger and El Toro Loco/Bulldozwe
2003 - Features on Tom Meents' 10th year and the Creten team
2004 - Feature on Avenger? (I could be wrong)
2005 - Can't remember

Could any one with these yearbooks help me recall what trucks got articles in the years after '05


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The 2004 yearbook did have a feature article on Avenger.

Here are some of the driver/truck feature articles they had in the following years:

2005 - Dennis Anderson & an article on the 3 freestyle champions (Tom Meents, Lupe Soza & Madusa). There was also a feature article on some of the "lost pioneers" of monster trucks (Seth Doulton, Meredith May & Mark Dye).
2006 - An article for the two World Finals champions (Jim Creten & Madusa), and an article on Mike Vaters
2007 - Grave Digger 25th Anniversary, Courtney Jolly, and Linsey Weenk
2008 - John Seasock, Pablo Huffaker, Damon Bradshaw, & Donkey Kong
2009 - Adam Anderson
2010 - Tom Meents & Damon Bradshaw
2011 - Monster Mutt, Grinder & George Balhan/Mohawk Warrior
2012 - Grave Digger 30th Anniversary & Ryan Anderson
2013 - Maximum Destruction 10th Anniversary & Northern Nightmare
2014 - Zombie & Grave Digger: The Legend
2015 - "Extreme Teams" (Metal Mulisha, Northern Nightmare, Mohawk Warrior & Monster Energy), Dragon & The Women of Monster Jam