Truck Related Avenger New Paint SPECULATIONS (only read if you can handle random guesses )


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I would like to see the truck painted up like a '57 chevy, sorta like the nascar cars did last year, or the year before. I would prefer red and white, but any color would do. oh and it should have flames still...
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Here is what i think jim should do.

Add truck name and put mountain dew on side also and we got a truck to talk about lol


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I'd like to see a red and green Avenger with chrome flames to somewhat resemble Mountain Dew colors. :eek:

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Anyons would be against us using couple of your posts/ideas/guess in our next newsletter????



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I'd love to see a "classic" look on Avenger. Jet black and chromed out.:cool: I'm not a photoshop whiz but this is sort of like what I'm talking about...

Maybe some chrome flames?

Also, I'll resurrect an idea floated out last year at this time. What about switching the body to a 57' Nomad? Feel free to use mine if you wish.


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gosh, you people are nuts, i asked this question and walked away for a minute and BAM look at all the replies!!! :eek:

i forgot to say what kind of avenger i want... someone made a pretty blue one for MTM2 it was cool with blue & orange flames. Metallic blue with orange flames -- or Metallic orange. (i dont remember if the orange avenger was metallic or not, been to long ago & we only seen it once.)

either way, it will be awesome i am sure.

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Make a clear RC type body with yellow flames, so you can see right through it to see all the stuff underneath, but its still got a name and body.
Come on... Since Its WF X and he has basily ran a different paint for most of the 10 years.. He will find a way to put all the different WF paint jobs on one body... lol

But I always look FWD to seeing what Jim has up his sleves with paint... He has had some awesome looking trucks and I know WF X won't dispoint me..