Best places to buy 1:64 MJ trucks

My son is a HUGE Monster Truck fan (and he's only 2.5 years old). :eek: We got him a poster for his room, and now he wants all the monster trucks on it - problem is, I don't want to spend a lot of money on them, but selection is limited at my local Zellers & Walmart stores (we're in Canada). He plays pretty rough with them, so I'm not looking for them as a collector; just for him to play with.
Any suggestions?

Specifically we're looking for:
Grave Digger 25th Anniversary (silver)
Bounty Hunter
Captain's Curse
King Crunch

Any help would be appreciated!!:D


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I think the monsterjam store online has em. Been a while since I've looked at em. Also of course ebay to find 1:64 scales.

The sad story i had...there was an auction on ebay for over 100 1:64 from the matchbox all of em to the bigfoot hot wheels and the other 1:64 from other toy companies like Heatwave an orange dodge, a green tow truck, and high roller 10 tow truck...went for over 100 dollars...and i lost last second.

me and my brother cried...and i was in middle school.

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Keep a look out at your toys r us stores in your area because a lot of the stores are getting the remainder of the 2008 cases so they should have a good bit of them. The 3 stores around me are full of the trucks, I am hoping they go quick because I am ready for the 2009 ones.
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Hey Man if you search old forums you'll find a category like this. Good luck. Hey, if you have any more ?'s regarding these join us over there and feel free to ask.


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check KING Krunches website they have them and you can get them autographed all the other ebay amozon or MJ online store. hope this helps a little.:D:D:D:rolleyes::D