Bigfoot #17


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Well to comfrim it i emailed the Uk guys and they said that this is Bf #17 well life b4 it became Bigfoot #17 if you watch the vid you can clearly see same shocks same tube chassis.


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Bigfoot 17

I don't think that can be right. Red Dragon (truck in the background) wasn't even built yet, it didn't come out till a couple years after BF17. Also...nigel didn't get his f150 bodies until bigfoot sent them for the new truck. He was running a toyota body on his Wild Child truck at the time bf17 was being built. More likely than not its the Monsterous truck (bf17 clone and teammate) with a different body...or even bf17 with a different body.


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Just to be clear as the truck builder and owner prior to its sale.

The truck pictured was formerly known as Hulk then Monstrous was sold late in 2007 to Lewis cook who re-branded it as Crusher. As far as I know it only ran at a couple of events. many rumours but no sittings for quite some time.

Regards Nigel


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Thunderbolt is a different truck to Red Dragon, I believe it is a Tim Barks Chassis like ThunderFoot/Podzilla.

Edit come to think of it I do think the Thunderbolt body has been on the Red Dragon Chassis a few times, this may have caused the confusion...
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