Bigfoot and Ford


Did I hear they ended their working relationship?

If so, does anyone know what model Bigfoot is going to become? Or am I totally in left field on this one?


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Bigfoot may have lost ford, but if you go their site they still have a bountiful amount of sponsors. I'm sure they're doing just fine.


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i sent bigfoot an e-mail last month in reguards to the loss of the ford sponcership, asking what the future plans were for the trucks;
1-would bigfoot in time return to a single cab body?
2-what some of the new opportunities were?
3-would bigfoot continue to run all ford components?

the answer i got to all 3 questions was that they had not made any plans as of yet.

speaking of bigfoot, does anyone know what the "special engagement" is that they will be closed for on the 3rd of next month?