"Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines" vehicle specs?


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I am looking for the specifications of several 1980s vehicles, namely the four "Muscle Machines" of toy/cartoon fame -- Bigfoot, Black Gold, Orange Blossom Special II, and Warlord.

Knowing next to nothing about the sport, I started with Internet searches. Information on Bigfoot was the easiest to find. Orange Blossom Special was shown in numerous photographs and videos, but the only data I uncovered was from a video review of the AMT/Ertl model kit, which included a sort of "biography" of the truck. For Warlord, I could find only a couple of photos. Black Gold was even worse: apart from its toy and cartoon references, I struck out entirely.

So, I called Patrick Enterprises, left a message, and got a return call from Dan Patrick himself. Mr. Patrick clued me in on how Warlord was cannibalized for other projects, gave me a couple of stats, and told me that old issues of magazines such as "Pulling Power" and "Off Road" might have the vehicle dossiers I need. He also made me aware of the fact that there are forums frequented by fans from back in the day.

If anyone here can provide scans of the relevant pages, or otherwise put me onto a good source of information about the topic, that would be most helpful. Thank you.