Bigfoot met with Feld last November


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If you go on Bigfoot's Facebook page under "Discussions", Bigfoot says they met with Feld back in November and offered their trucks. Discussion is still going. Just thought you guys might be interested. (new here, first post)


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its there - on the bigfoot 4x4 profile (not midwest 4wd), under the discussions tab there's a single topic where the team states what has been posted above.

Dave Collard

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Not to sound like a "mark" but it'd be really freakin nice to see 2010 be the year things go back to how they used to be.... been what close to over a decade now?


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im sure the fans would like it but how would the feld drivers take it . i was talkin to rick long last week in albany and he said that the august show in e town tom meents and some other trucks would block him in and not let him come back for a second freestyle
I have a very very hard time believe this to be true.


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i was talkin to rick long last week in albany and he said that the august show in e town tom meents and some other trucks would block him in and not let him come back for a second freestyle


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I've been to plenty of races where Feld Trucks and Bigfoot trucks were at. Insanoracer was at those same races. In fact, in a four year span, there was about 15 events where those two parties were at. No blocking in, no trash talking. It's just Monster Trucks, you show up, you get paid, you thrill the crowd, you get the rush as a driver and spectator, you go down the road. It's honestly not that much politics. Most of it's made up.

Jordan Robson

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I think it would be pretty cool if Bigfoot & Feld finally reached on an agreement.. Can you imagine Bigfoot, Max D, and Digger @ the World Finals? All we'd need is the Rams and it'd be a show!

That would be pretty neat haha.. But I'm not counting on anything like that ever happening.


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One can dream... I recall the debut of the Black Stallion 2000 truck in Worcester MA. (a little time ago) and Bigfoot was at the race with Boogey Van, Above & Beyond, and a couple others... It was fun to see Bigfoot. I as a fan would like to see that again. It would be greater exposure. Not that Bigfoot needs it, but for the average fan, it would be cool to see them again in the stadiums. Plus... Hotwheels toys? I mean... win win for all the fans. I don't know if it will happen anytime soon. But. Count me as a fan who would love to see it.


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well it would be great to see any foot driver there, i know several foot drivers they good people, as for the feld trucks blocking him in, i have done the etown shows for the last 3 years an the 2 guys that own the track says who goes next or again, look at the history of those shows its a tom an porter deal, unless chuckie is there, its a thrill show. he makes the same amount wether he runs 1 time or 4. when i was there as a none driver it was no different and tom owned his stuff then. So rick should not take it personally


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Honestly, Bigfoot really doesn't have anything to lose any longer by running Feld shows again and playing by their rules. What will be interesting is if that if Bigfoot trucks do return to Monster Jam, if they return to televised events right away or not due to licensing issues. Would Mattel have a problem with Bigfoot's toy deal with another company (can't think of which one they're with right now), or vice versa, or at all on either side?


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If it were to happen, I think I would be kind of concerned with at least the big stadium performances at a MJ if they did any. Granted we all know they can put on a show, and don't drive as hard as most FELD trucks, do you guys think the fan perception of Bigfoot could change?