Bigfoot Sporting Retro Paint


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Maybe everyone has seen it already but Foot { I don't know which number it was but Rick Long was drivig it }was on local Channel 2 news this morning sporting a retro style paint job ! It looked really sweet ! :)


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thank god.. they should go back to a standard cab long bed... keep it old school.. what would be even cooler is if they made a mold for the old original body..... now how sick would that be?


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Tim Ezell...weird dude.

I am gonna have to head over there tonight and get some B-Roll...With the setting sun behind the arena and truck. That could be good stuff.

Brandon Clark

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It looks like its got a little lighter blue on it too... that really looks good.

I agree though, if only it were a single cab.


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Thats awesome...I like the ol school paint...truck stand out with the all blue truck and just fit the legend that is bigfoot.


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Did Rick say 1800 hp for Bigfoot? I thought they had like, 1300 lol.
I remember Jerry Dalton saying that #16 would have a motor that was very powerful - maybe now that #16 has a championship under its belt, they decided to convert the whole fleet. Maybe?

V Needs Speed

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if you watch the other video the news reporter says "Well thats what happends when you break someone else's truck" i think we all know who that can relate to....:D