Bigfoot's going for it again.....


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I think this is awesome. Joe Sylvester called everybody out on Monster Truck Radio a few months back saying that if anybody wants to challenge him, go ahead. Bad Habit on Facebook and Twitter has already acknowledged that they're aware that Bigfoot is doing this. I think this would be a great time for a "jump off" competition. Get some TV coverage (I think this would attract a lot of people to watch), use the same takeoff area, launch ramp and if necessary, a landing ramp and have Bad Habit and Bigfoot go at it. I'd pay to watch that!


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If Heraldo Revera were doing the show it would be at least 2 hrs,,,,,lol,,,,sounds like a cool idea,,,,major network might pick it up,,,,,,,,,,

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maybe they'll huck it over a 747 this time around. or maybe if Robby Gordon is concerned, into the Coliseum. or maybe in Laughlin,NV like before...
If bigfoot did the jump in the coliseum it'd be considered the indoor record, which surprisingly, Bear Foot still holds.

I personally think bigfoot should jump 2 trucks at the same time and over Bigfoot #5 to make things more challenging, and, 2 trucks means if one doesnt break the record, the other one just might. If you think about it, the 747 is much larger than #5 so they should clear in no problem.