Colt Cobra.


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Hey y’all. I know Gene was the original Colt Cobra but I’m watching the 1994 PENDA championship and Gene is helping Dan Patrick. Who is driving Snakebite during this? They still call him Colt Cobra but it’s not Gene.


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Gene, Dan, Eric Meager, and even Andy Brass have all been colt cobra I believe. Gene was the original though, and the best imo.


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Not sure whose driving Snake Bite currently, but I've seen some posts on Facebook and Instagram alluding to the original Snake Bite (Bigfoot 4) and original Colt Cobra (Gene) at least sharing the same room recently....Lonnie Childress' company is restoring #4 to 1991 era fiber and paint and it seems it'll have both the Bigfoot and Snake Bite repro parts when he's done.