coolest item(s) in your collection


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I thought i would just throw this out there. Probably the coolest piece i have, so far, is the drivers door from the original monster mash. I had both but i gave the passengers door to chopper after i had mike sign it to him.

RnW 13

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5 things I think are cool that I got

King Kong vs Bigfoot Great Lakes Dragway T-shirt 1/2 signed.
Dirt from Obsession Mud Racer from early 1990's Rosemont IL Show
A really small piece of fiberglass from Bad Habit
A piece of the Reptar transformer from his chest when it explodes.
A broken metal part(assumption is internals from axle) from Wild Thang.
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John B

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I have the Captains Curse Flag from Columbus, OH earlier this year which was the first show I attended.
A few of the coolist things in our collection...

2 Escalade Tail lights. One is off the white body from 2006 Vegas other if from Anahiem # 2 in 2008. both given to Robbie by good friends.

A brake rotor off Natural High that we are going to make into a clock.

A Piece of Max D.. The On a Misson Sticker on the front hood.. We got it from a good friend and was cool to see Tom's recation when we got it signed in Salinas 2007

A 2006 world finals banner

A one of a kind custom made Hot Wheel and Package that was sent to Robbie from the Rat along with a 2007 Europe Tour Program

Last is a 2008 yearbook with Robbie's picture as Superfan..


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My most prize piece is the original hood off of Aces High. As well as one of the original Valvoline flags that were on the truck later. Another piece dear to me is one Jake Henke's crew shirts. And yes I do have other stuff that isn't Aces High related! HAHAHA. A KC highlite that was given to me by Jim Kramer back in Sept 1990 when we were at Midwest 4x4. I can't remember which truck it came from but it was on one that had just rolled over. Notice the rip in the top of it. I wish I would have had Jim sign it but I was still in shock to be in the shop of Bigfoot. Enjoy.



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I thought i would just throw this out there. Probably the coolest piece i have, so far, is the drivers door from the original monster mash. I had both but i gave the passengers door to chopper after i had mike sign it to him.
Yep, still got it too out in the shed.... I don't know what my favorite peice would be? Possibly a Franklin Mint model of Bigfoot that came from Bigfoot 4x4 signed in gold on the roof by Bob Chandler w/mirrored display case for it.

Also like my Leesley Monster Mash card signed by Mike Welch and dated 1992 or Classic card of Andy Brass signed by Andy on the back in the autogragh line...

Hey joey, you still have the leather AM/PM "She's the Boss" jacket.....Thats extemely collectable considering only 3 were made.


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yes chopper, i do still have the am/pm boss leather jacket that you were kind enough to give me. i forgot about that piece :)
piston out of high voltage signed by bill payne
cowl piece from hot rod monster of mikes, i think it was off of the pirate
67" terra tire in my front yard from mike
signed pictures and 8x10s and posters


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i bought a fiber glass bumper piece off of Bigfoot #11 signed by bob in 03 but later on i had hot rod tweedy keith stergen and jerry dulton sign more signatures to come . . . .

also when they shave the tires i bought a peice from Bigfoot #14 and the document is signed in pen by Bob and Robyn Brow the former MTRA secertary. **** if ya saw my race room im betting ya drop your jaw consisting of the King of Mts , Nascar- Dale sr and mark martin/kensith and edwards and nhra mostly john force and big daddy and swamp rat 30

funny thing is i have jsut about every driver from team Bigfoot autograph execpt one Jim Kramer.

Hey if any one has a center cap that looks like a saw blade let me know
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I have a No Problem driving suit I really like. Engine in the truck I drive everyday came from Bigfoot and ran in No Problem 2 for years. Also the front warn bumper is off No Problem 2 and winch from No Problem 1.

adam tereska

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I have the 1988 Leesley Bigfoot cards, Monster truck magazine articles, several books and posters w/autographs, and about 60 models. Because my inability to post pics no matter what I've tried, so when I get my Bloomsburg pics to Shawn, I'll send the pics of the models and hopefully he'll post him for me.


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for my wedding my family had bob chandler and some of the other drivers sign a picture and congratulate my wife and i on our wedding. I also have all the emails printed out that they had and they even received permission to have napkins made with bf on it for the grooms cake.

its more special to me than cool

Brandon Clark

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I'd say my favorite thing I have is a photo album of me driving Deal Breaker, doing autographs, stuff like that.

I do have an autographed flag from the last Louisville Motor Speedway show, and 1 or 2 event shirts, the type that you can only get at that show, that day etc etc.


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After reading IggyACE's post with the pic of the steering ram made me think of this thread. Just thought I would bump it up again. Dan you should post your pics of Awesome Kong's bug guard here!!!


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I have some cool un related to monster stuff like the side to a modified and a spirt car right rear tire. we also got a fender off a modified but I gave it to my friends next door