Truck Related Cradle Positioning


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As most know, I build minature versions of the real monster trucks. I am currently working on a full blown 4x4 version with 4 wheel steering, designed for younger generation excitement. I wanted the over all length to be 8 feet, my question is, how do I determine where the center cradle should go? I would like all the 4 links to be the same lentgh, but for some reason I can't get them, the front is longer than the rear. Any help?


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Hate to rain on your parade but that as already been done. Steve Combs of Knight Stalker Shocks has built 3 or 4 of then for people. So you may call him for questions and parts.


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Why don't you just build your 4-links all the same length you want them and put the cradle where they end up?

If you have the axles, know the wheelbase, and you know the 4-link length you want, I guess I'm missing what exactly the issue is. Are you using a pre-designed chassis maybe?