Custom 1:64 Monster Jam Trucks and Arena


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The Monster Factory custom Diecasts and RC Replicas

Whats up guys ,
I know some of you might have already seen these pics. from but I wanted to show them off to others on here also.
I build this replica of the WF's 9 track for my son for Easter and Ive been working on a few custom replicas for him also.
So check'em out and comment if you'd like.

Thanks ,

Nitro Circus

Backwards Bob

and the new Time Flys

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well may as well comment on them here to lol, I love all the stuff you make :D I wish I could make a track half as good as that one (then again half a truck would suck for the trucks in the Ford Lane lol) the nitro circus one has to be my favorite :p


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LoL, I have a lil guy here already in the working for Jim. I figured I'll get him finished sooner or later.

Yea, i cant forget to give total thank yous for the helping hand of FastMotion on his graphic design on the NC truck !!
Im almost finished with mine NC truck too.


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arr looking forward to seeing your detailed Nitro Circus :) im still waiting for the sticker shop to finish my NC vinyls ... Im thinking It would be easier if I printed them out myself lol... a mini Jim you say? lol never thought about that when making a track

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WOW!!! That is freakin' amazing work!!!! What did you use to build the pool?? And where/how did you get nitro circus, backwards bob, and time flys - yourself or??? Too wild man, too wild. I'm jealous!!!:D


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whoa thats impressive makes me wanna build one for all my pullers i have keep up the good job and post more pictures of it


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I figured I havent posted any of my new trucks in awhile so here they are...

This is how my Time Flys body started.... as a coupe lol

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amazing. i hope i have enough time for my kids that im able to do stuff like this for them.
great job on the track also. what did you make the foutain jump out of? looks like it was formed plastic of some sort


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Thanks guys,

As you were asking about the "ramps" on both sides of the race lane cars. I tried to build the track as close to WF 9 as possible but I needed to keep it somewhat 8 yr. old child friendly. So I put the ramp on both sides so he wasnt just hitting the bare cars and sooner or later knocking them off the track. Everything is epoxied down but it still could come up with a hard hit.

As for the Foutain / rocks / ramps. Everything was made out a florist foam, I carved it , after that I covered it all in resin and auto body filler to harden it up and then just airbrushed it all.

yea, my lil one is kinda spoiled. lol