Custom 1:64 Monster Jam Trucks and Arena


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New RC bodies

Hey guys just wanted to post up afew new bodies Ive done.
First off is WF's 11 Avenger.

Next is a custom version of Avenger

Last but not least is Larry Quicks Ghost Ryder

Still getting back into the swing of things and trying to catch up on some other special projects so I'll try my best to keep posting new pics. soon

Danny H.

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While all of the RC bodies are fantastic pieces of work Terry, the custom Avenger seems kind of bare without the trademark "flaming skull" on it IMO


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Freestyle track diorama

Built this for a family in NJ.
They wanted a track that was based more toward freestylin so this is what I come up with ...........



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That red Avenger is so beautiful, I think Jim should do something like that, in 2012, and that diorama, awesome work, is it supposed to be a wet/ rainy track or just grooving tecnique, either way, its cool


New to this site, Huge monster truck fan, first toy was the original Bigfoot SST for Christmas in 1983, been a collector of farm toy diecast and monster trucks for many years, and have done some custom stuff, your work is amazing, hats of to the attention to detail and the quality of work you put out. Great Job, very, very impressed. Keep up the great work


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Ok its been awhile since Ive posted any pics of any of the work Ive been doing. Heres afew pics of some of them.....

Built these for Don King

Built another Son Uva Digger

Bad Habit SUV

Nigels Euro Bigfoot

Bad Boy Bigfoot

Short course truck



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Built a crew cab body w/ cowl hood

and last but not least Im working on building a Son uva Digger body. Its still in the early stages but Im happy with it.