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Dave Harkey was one of a small handful of people that made Motorsports Entertainment History. He was a BIGFOOT Driver, (not many in that category) and a friend to many. Dave hold his own place in Monster Truck History.....

Adam Connell

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For once, I cant think of anything to say. May God look after his family in their time of need, and may his soul rest in peace.

Dave you will be greatly missed by me and countless others. You impacted our lives in more ways than you know. I will always remember the times we had and thank you for the wisdom you shared with us. I am truly better because of the time you spent with me and I will never forget you. I cherished our friendship and may you rest in peace.

Your friend,

David Smith
King Krunch
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This really is a dark day for motorsports...:( Like other people, on this board, I haven't gotten the chance to see him perform in person, but I have seen all sorts of videos and pics of his driving skills. And he darn well earned it to drive a Bigfoot truck. My condolences to his family and friends, and also to the Bigfoot team. R.I.P. Dave...


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the blog I posted on my page.

Wow, not really sure where to start. I recently heard the news that Dave Harkey passed away. I unfortunatly never really had the chance to see Dave as much as I have seen other drivers in the industry. Dave drove for my favorite truck Bigfoot. He drove on and off for a total of 12 years. His last stint was of nearly 5 years. In his last stint I was forunate to see him several times and as always enjoy his company. The last time I saw Dave will be a time I will never forget. It kinda saddens me to say that the last time I saw him was with him ending up the recipient of a prank. I guess I'd rather think of a better memory than this for the last. But it is what it is. I was in Dayton Ohio for the CFP show in 2007. It was at the Hara Arena. After the show was done, the drivers went to the autograph table to sign. During the show, Brad Campbell, Jason Grill, and Brad's girlfriend Jen had an empty Milk Duds box. They filled the box with little clumps of dirt they balled up. Jason was next to Dave at the table. They brought all the drivers some pizza. Jason told Harkey that he would trade him some "Milk Duds" for a bite of his pizza. Dave agreed, and they put some on the table. After he finished the pizza, he picked up the "Milk Duds" and tossed them into his mouth and began to chew. He then realized the joke was on him. Dave took it all in stride. I don't know if he ever had the chance to repay Jason, Brad, and Jen for the prank. I guess I'll have to ask them next time I see them.

Moving to the present. About a year ago Dave retired again from Bigfoot. It was quiet. I was dissapointed that he retired, because I was hoping to give him a real box of Milk Duds the next time I saw him. I heard around friday Dave was involved in a armed robbery. Not many details were released, and wensday night I heard he died. I haven't yet heard or seen any news stories, but I pretty much think I know what happened. So I leave this blog with this. Dave, I don't know what led up to the things that happened at the end, but I just want to say from what I know of you, you were a **** of a guy who didn't diserve such an ending. I wish your family the best. It was nice knowing you.


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if you can find the chance, I encourage everyone to visit http://twloha.com and if possible, send a small donation to a great cause.

I know the site isn't 100% relevant to this case (geared more towards teens involved in the music industry), but I do think it provides a great message to those of us who might have a friend in need, and providing that "shoulder to lean on", we can make a difference between life and death, addiction and recovery, or despair and hope in your friends' life.

Not saying that Mr. Harkey could have been helped by any one of us, but it should serve as a reminder in your own life just how important a friend can be.

My condolences go out to the Harkey family and anyone else who may have called him a friend.


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I am very sorry to hear this news. My prayers go out to Dave's family and all that he left behind. I am proud to say that I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Dave on many occasions. He will truly be missed.



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I feel incredibly sad to learn about what happened to Dave Harkey. Though I didnt know him on a personal level, I only know him as a Bigfoot driver.

I will keep everyone in my thoughts as they are going thru a very difficult time.

I am so sorry Dave
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OK here it goes, I too received the calls and dismissed them from my mind. Untill I received the call last night only then did I accept the truth. Dave and I both were Alumni at Team BF. We left for a what we thought would be better things only to come back for one last hurrah. Dave was a h*** of a driver and even a better teammate. Working his way up from crew to driver and see a young man live his dream like mine brings it full circle now. When we hear the thunder think about those huge clouds that Dave and the boys are tearing up in the heavens. I could go on and but words are few and memories are plenty. I will work through the day Knowing that Dave is in a better place..

Dave, YOU are going to be missed. You have touched so many lives, more than we realize sometimes, Godspeed my friend the spotlight is shinning bright one more time. RIP Dave



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Like some others, it was Dave who reminded me what Bigfoot was all about. He gave me a renewed hope in my childhood hero, and he did it with a style all his own. God bless Dave, and I pray that you get better soon.
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The industry has lost one of it's finest in Dave. I too was saddened by the news and I think Ross' memorial video set things into motion for me in realizing what a great person Dave really was. My thoughts and prayers go to Dave's family. He will truely be missed and will always be considered a legend in the sport in my book. God Speed, Dave....


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I did not have the pleasure of meeting Dave. However he was considered family by some of my closest friends and people I consider family. My thoughts and prayers go out to this family.

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I figure I too shall show my sympothy and best wishes of a well recovery to Dave, and if that battle is not won, may he rest in peace, with the thunder of the engines rumbling above. I might not have met him, but others have, and he made a difference to them and thats what truely matters. I look up to any driver, no matter what, because they took a dream and or there job and made it happen or made it better, and thats sometime to truely idolize.

I know its a bit slapped together, as there really wasn't too many photos to work with, but I desided to make a "get well" card type thing for Dave. I wish I could have spruced it up nicer though for a more fitting memorial/tribute.
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I don't believe I had the chance of meeting Dave Harkey before but from all of your responses he seemed like a good guy. It always sucks losing someone close or not that you have seen and known for a good period of time. R.I.P Dave Harkey. Someone should put together some donations or something for his family.


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I Never Had A Chance To Meet Dave And Wish I Had But, I Feel Like I've Known Him. One Day I Will Get To Meet Him Though.

You, Your Family And Friends Were And Still Are In My Prayers.

Here Are Some Pics I Seen On The Net.

I'm Looking Forward To Seeing A Tribute Video Of Him, Hopefully People Will Release Actual Video Of Him And Not Only Driving.

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