Displays around Houston


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Just a heads up to those who want to brave the chilly weather here in Houston,there are a few displays going on tommorrow.
The Rob Ryan MT and driver will be at Coaches Bar off of 1-10 and Barker Cypress between 7 and 9 pm which was advertised on 94.5.

Come check out Excaliber at Advance Auto Parts in Houston!
Friday, January 8, 2010 from 2:00PM - 6:00PM
Advance Auto Parts is located at 8407 Highway 6 South, Houston, Texas 77083
Subject to change without notice
Also tommorrow
GraveDigger will be at Jack in the Box along with Ninja Turtle and Blue Thunder drivers at Jack In the Box.116055 S Sam Houston Pkwy E Houston,Tx
77089 MonsterJam online has this posted under the Houston Event for 1/9/10

Paul curtis

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Dan Evans is driving it. I made a Post about it a few weeks ago when they announced it on the radio, do a search for 94.5 on here and it Should bring it up for you