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OK, have held my tongue, but how many (if anyone is still even looking at this board) feel the same way?

I HATE, repeat HATE, the way the industry board has been broken down into "topics".

It was better like it was before, IMO, when you could glance in and see if there were any new topics like "looking for a truck for this date" or whatever the topic was.

SERIOUSLY doubt anyone is allowed access to this board that needs help rebuilding a drop box or any number of the topics you are showing. If they are involved enough in the business to have been allowed access to the "industry board", they should already know these things or have a better place to look than here to get that information. OR, silly as it sounds, would simply post a question asking for help.

Just my 2 cents worth and know that you'll probably come back with your own reasons that your way is better, but this is a "user's" perspective.

For whatever it's worth....


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First off let me say that yes I listen as do the owners. I just got an email noting a dislike for the industry boards by you and requested some reasoning behind it and grateful that you posted something so that we can chat. This way I can get an understanding of what you are looking for vs where the direction Mayhem is heading.

First lets chat about Mayhem and were conceptualy we are trying to take it.

Originaly located on EZBoard Mayhem was already known to be the leader in terms of being a fan based forum. It was decided for numerous reasons to move Mayhem to its own domain and purchase its own software. Primary reasons was the ability to expand and overall costs associated with EZBoard.

As Mayhem's fan forum stabalized one of the suggestions was to make a Industry related board for people like us. The board was received well by the few who knew about it but in all honesty was not traveled much as Mayhem was still considered a fan based forum.

On the contrary Christian was running a Industry/Fabrication board that was being traveled to a much higher degree and contained more posts on the technical aspect where Mayhem was more of a general chit chat (we still have many posts to move over as well as giving Charitian his own skin/look)

A while ago I happened to see Christian was looking to possibly move to his own domain and run his own software for much of the same reasons Mayhem made the move (he was on SuddenLanch I beleive). After some conversations it was established that we had the same common goals and that moving his forums here might be a huge benefit for all.

So now thanx to Chrisitian we have a huge wealth of knowledge of some of the equipment being used by various teams online.

During this time I also decided to start implementing some goals to make Mayhem not only the leader in the fans forum and thanx to Chrisitian now the most technical board, but a massive one stop shopping place for "All things Monster" Thus I started a campaign of building a link repository that was equal to no other site and indeed that has been accomplished. Next on the list was a classifieds area. We knew we were going to garner alot more traffic so what better way to conenct buyers and sellers.

So to get back to the indutry board...

The general chat forum is still open but we have broken down the technical aspects of the truck. How this distracts from your posting or others reading "looking for trucks" I am not sure I understand fully as this is still something that would be posted in the general chat forum which is still there.

I have 17+ years in the industry and there are other members who have even more then me. Yes I can re-build a planetary, axle, weld, or what ever is necessary to run a truck as can almost everyone in the business. However we always have questions regardless and haveing a place like Mayhem to ask those questions (I do not have everyones personal phone number) to others in the business instead of surfing and looking for an answer to something that is not directly related to this industry and trying to adapt it is daunting sometimes. For example I run PS115 axles. But I am curious about PS250s or another axle that I have no experience with. Now I have a place to ask and find out about others running that setup or have had experience with them. You mention a better place to ask these sort of questions. I ask you where else in this small industry is there a place on the net I can go to find any relevant information??? Did you ever try calling say a ZF dealer and ask about there axles and the use in a monster truck? Typical response as with most companies is "I have no clue"

Plus we can chat about different specific items without cluttering up the general chat forum whether old tech or new tech. This in itself I would think is better for someone like you as you now do not have to weed through irrelevant topics or page weed through pages of information.

MonsterMayhem in general is adapting the saying "We are all things Monster" We want to be the best fan based forum, the best link repository, a great classifieds area and the best industry related forum. A one stop shopping place so when someone thinks Monster Truck regardless of fan, owner or promotor they think of Mayhem.

So again this forum is open for discussion and hope my post is informative. maybe we need a promotors forum of some sort? Dunno just a quick thought but welcome any ideas...

Again thank you for your post and hopefully the dialog will continue.


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Hey i have to agree with Orville and Paul, what are you guys trying to accomplish. The board was just fine the way it was and thats why i no longer post on the industry board. Everyone has an opinion and it sounds like most of us hate it!

Seeya Mike:confused:


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Like was stated Christen started a Fabrication board so ppl in and out of the industry could talk, learn, and share ideas about MT’s of past present and future. I for one loved what he had going and think it got lost a bit in the move. It seems that the old industry board was lost a bit as well.

I hope you guys will participate on here as it gets smoothed out and rolls along. We on the out side of the sport in ways find it both puzzling and ridicules that this sport and those in it act so secretly all the time, for what I don’t get it? Not saying anything about those that have posted in this thread, but I have found that even thought someone may own or crew on a MT they still can’t give good explanations about what or why they use the parts, designs, or what they do with the technical side of the truck. It seems like well as it has been put to me it’s a “bee hive mentality” in the sport and most don’t know they bought and do what was or the guy next to them is doing.

So while you may not like this board and you may want to be able to talk privately that is not what this was to be. There is always PM’s and E-mails for that I guess.

I hope you all will try and share and bring your knowledge to those that care enough to ask and learn.

To those that don’t want to share, why not it’s not like your competing for sponsors, big money or a national champion ship. I fan can learn more about just about any racing vehicle out there but not a MT….Why? Until there is a National Series I don’t see the need to be so secret about what and why you do what you do. After all aren’t you all just one big traveling family helping each other out to give the fan the best show you can or is that what is said in front of the camera?




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MonsterMayhem, We are ALL things monster

The motto above is sort of where/what this site is trying to achieve.

Yes there was a bit of confusion as to the "merger" relegating the old industry board to its own sub-catagory and bringing the fabrication board's sub-catagories over. But it was alll for the better. Many discussions behind the scenes prior to makeing the decision.

Like MonsterCED stated this board is here to allow the exchnage of information for those of us in the business, interested in getting in the business, or a serious fan wanting to learn more. The fabrication board had this. Mayhem did not.

When you think Monster Truck Monstermayhem wants you to think of this site first and foremost. From fan's chatting, owners wanting to explore new ideas or designs, members wanting to know the URL to certain web sites or finding one by chance, owners wanting to sell stuff, etc.

MonsterMayhem will continue to explore new ideas, expand and enhance the site.

There is absolutly no way MonsterMayhem will ever be able to make everyone happy (donkey, old man and son syndrome).

As always (though no one has yet to) suggestions are always welcome on maybe a better way to present this information.

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I'm all about features and being able to pack a product with as much stuff as possible, but you need to take user-friendliness into consideration. Adding Christians stuff makes this board too much of a pain to navigate. The only way I even knew that this part of the board was the industry board was because of how many posts it had. Christians didn't have hardly any posts at all, this one had a few, so I assumed it was all the old stuff farmed over from the old site. I like Christian a lot, but in my opinion (as a USER of the board, not an MT owner), I think it's a worse overall product.

As far as why we would want some information to ourselves and not other people, I don't know that it is all about that. There are just certain things that we don't need to bother people with. There are certain things also in the industry that are not other peoples business. You say you can't learn anything about monster trucks? What about all the pit parties where we have our trucks setup and answer any question out there for you. You also say there is PM and email. I say the same to you. If there is something that somebody wants to know, they can always PM or email. My web site also has my cell number on it, which I have always got on me. We are very accessible. There is no reason to shun us for our one little teeny tiny bit of the world that we used to enjoy having to ourselves.



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Yes, I agree, I tried typing out my reasoning behind it but it got too complicated for me to understand, LOL. So I trashed it. Didn't feel like writing a book.

"Monster Mayhem" is simply too small to support a large number of forum sections.

When you visit Monster Mayhem now you have:

General Fan Discussion
- Main Area
Industry Related Forum
- Tranny talk
- Tech talk
- Engine talk
- Axle talk
- Shock Talk
- Body talk
- Tire Talk
- You get the idea.

When only what? 100 people have access to this, there is NO NEED FOR SO MANY SECTIONS. THIS IS WHAT "SEARCH" IS FOR!!!


- Engine & Transmission Talk
- Suspension and Drive Line Talk
- All Other Stuff!!!
- Random talk

No need for a dozen sections! Keep it short and simple!

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There are a lot of people from the old forum waiting to be granted access into the industry section which will help get it going better, I just don't have time.


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In light of all the posts I have been thinking on how to better present the informaiton and came up with a few ideas one of which Sawn came up with. Will present them to everyone for feed back and see if there is another direction we can take this in.