Doug Stone Monster Truck Wall of fire stunt

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On Circus of the Stars years ago, country singer Doug Stone was strapped to the front of a monster truck while said truck ran thru a wall of fire. I thought it was pretty cool, considering he'd just had quad bypass heart surgery. I was fortunet enough to meet him as my dad was building a log home for him. As we discussed the wall of fire stunt, he mentioned they did it twice, once on tape, and the live broadcast. According to Doug, it was done on tape also, so if the live feed had problems, the taped segament could be slipped in. He also mentioned he got a pretty good payout dispite burning off his eyebrows and eyelashes. When I asked him the name of the truck involved, unfortuntly, he couldn't remember. From what I remember, it looked to be a 78-79 Ford, kinda resembled Bullfrog. Anybody know the name ,owner, and if it's still around? Can't find the clip on You-Tube either. If anybody knows anything I'd be grateful.