Favorite Grave Digger of All Time?


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Hey guys!

With the 30th anniversary of Grave Digger i thought this would be a cool thread. Everyone feel free to put pictures, videos, heck even some of your favorite memories of your favorite Digger truck.

My Favorite- Grave Digger 7

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWkhLv9fmzc"]grave digger atlanta 2000 - YouTube[/ame]

Paul curtis

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This questions tuff, of the still running Digger trucks, it's 12.

Of the retired trucks, it's more difficult. 7 is the obvious one. However I would say that Diggers 2 and 3 are by far and away my favorite.


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Probably Digger #2 for my money. That paint job and the gold wheels made that truck look menacing! Runner-up is #12 around the time it debuted, because it was so radically different from all the other Diggers, and the purple paint/straight lettering never looked any better than it did on this truck.


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Would have to go with 19 with the black rims and silver beadlocks.

Funny to watch that video and to see how far things have come, wasn't even one van stack.


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Personally, I have 4 "favourites" (can't decide on 1 alone):

Grave Digger #1 - It had a unique look with the Ford panel van body, and was the first to run the "graveyard" paint scheme

Grave Digger #2 - It had one of the most menacing-looking paint schemes of all of the Digger trucks, and the steel grille on the front looked good on the truck

Grave Digger #7 - One of the best Digger trucks for freestyle, and always had the capability to pull awesome wheelstands

Grave Digger #12 - Imo, this Digger looked best with the "purple" paint scheme, and was a good race-truck


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I can easily decide on one, and it's Grave Digger #12. Simply put, the best all-around Digger ever built, and yes that includes the current ones. Pablo did an awesome job building that one.

Paul curtis

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also cant forget #10, funny tho, with 10, I really only like the look it had in late 93/94 with the white wheels and the really long travel shocks.
I saw #10 when it was Brand Spanking New at a car show in Conroe, Tx way back in what had to have been late summer/early fall 1993. if I remember right it hadnt even seen a crush car at that point.