Favorite Mike Welch MT?


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In honor of Mike Welch getting inducted into the International Monster Truck Hall of Fame this year, I think the time has come to voice which monster truck he owned/built/ran that is your favorite. Remember, he built many monsters over the years, so I will try to come up with as many as I can think of. And please feel free to add one of your own on the condition that you know for a fact that it was/is a Mike Welch Motorsports truck. You wanted it, you got it:

1) Monster Mash

2) Super Pete

3) California Kid Crusher

4) Danger Zone

5) Red Baron stunt plane

6) Sharkie's Toy

7) Outlaw (sprint car body)

8) Lucky Logger

9) Flyin' Fire

Voice away!


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My vote is for Super Pete!

Other trucks to list:
Double trouble
Rolling Vengeance (does that count?)
Destroyer (I,II,III)
Chuck Wagon (Express?)
Pirate Pete
American Graffiti
Muscle Beach


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Super Pete!
Pirate Pete!
California Kid Crusher!!!!
An Tube Chassis Super Pete.

The rest i never really liked, they were all kinda just there, They did nothing great for me idk i didnt see much of mikes trucks here in Portland OR


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im gonna say super pete and monster mash. i will write out a list of all the trucks i can think of that mike has had...


Super Pete of course...seeing as how I took it for its final flight over the log! Then proapably Cal Kid


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Monster Mash, and especially the version of it on the poster crushing the burning cars. Somebody post that baby!!


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Super Pete #1
Monster Mash #1
California Kid
Destroyer #1
In that order

I had that poster of Monster Mash crushing the fire cars on my bedroom wall growing up. Wish I had it today.


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Ive always liked the original mash ,Destroyer 1 , Muscle Beach , Chuck Wagon , Free wheelie , then the lime Green freakshow


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Original Super Pete goes without saying. Most insane stage one truck ever. Beyond legendary.

Pirate Pete. This truck handled great and was bad-fast when it came out in 93. Without a doubt the best race truck Mike ever built. Pretty much unstoppable w/ Big Mike behind the wheel on small arena/fairgrounds Chicago Style courses.

The Super Pete Racer/Cal Kid yellow tube chassis w/ airplane shocks on all 4 corners. Very unique design, wild freestyle truck, consistently got the biggest air of any MWM truck in history.

Favorite paint job was the green airbrushed movie monster scheme on Freak Show.


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Not trying to hijack the thread, but what were some of the differences between Pirate Pete and California Kid chassis?


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Anyone got a picture of the truck he did with the sprint car body? Haven't seen it myself, sounds like a different concept and would like to see what it looked like