Favorite monster truck t.v. show of all time


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I think I'm starting to get used to the forum... Anyway, let's tell each other what our favorite monster truck television show of all time is. Mine would probably have to be Power Trax/Tuff Trax. I just loved Army Armstrong's commentary. IMHO, he is the best motorsports announcer/commentator ever.


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I agree, that was an awesome series and Army brought the excitement out every week. I also really enjoyed Trucks and Tractor power and am really enjoying the MOD series.


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anything with army armstrong is awesome. scott douglas was good back in the day too. i was never a big fan of richard leek but army made up for his lack of skill, lol. but as far as the favorite show.....i dont know. i really like the tuff trax and monster truck challenge series from '89 and '90. and i liked trucks and tractor power the whole time it was on. i am also really liking MOD now that i have the outdoor channel.


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Even though I haven't seen MOD on TV, I have seen it live and nothing can even compare to one of their shows. I also liked TNN Motor Madness becuase it showed the whole three hour show live. Then they screwed the show up with Dusty Rhodes, Katie Haas disapearing, and all that other crap.


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TUFF TRAX, Loved the intro (during the very first, opening commentary for the show.) music before they played the Theme. Love Myrtle Beach #2 '90 (kong) and Louisville Freedom Hall '90 #1

Dave Collard

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TNT Tuff Trax, Power Trax, and MTC, and then followed by the TNN Motor Madness shows... Can't rate the Speed or Mod stuff ain't got them channels...


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1. tuff trax
2. 1992 monster truck challenge
3. monster wars (seriously - take the wrestlers out and watch it. it's great commentary, great racing, and great interviews)
4. 1992/1993 trucks & tractor power
5. inside monster jam ('97-'98)


What was the show when the ushra on when they were on espn what was that called? :confused:

1.TNN motor maddness
2.Monster Truck Challange (TNT) ESPN:cool:
3.Tuff Trax:)
4.Monster Jam earlier;)


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ESPN Monster Truck Challenge is the only one I remember from when i was younger. Joe Lowe and Ken Brew or whoever you spell it. I remember watching Louisville with Rambo beating Excaliber. Also remember Pueblo, CO when they had, what was it, like a Gary vs Gary, Scott vs Scott, Lyle vs some one I forgot, whoever drove American Made. Then it came down to Lyle Hancock in Digger and Gary Wiggins in Carolina Crusher and they had to rerunt he finals because the 1st race was a tie and Digger got the win after that. Those were the days :)

Monster Jam is pretty good, but the line-ups are pretty repedative and same goes for the venues, and track lay-out for that matter. It would be better with line-ups from back on TNN. Different racing style every week and a unique line-up too. Best Monster jam line-up was the March Minny show with Rolling Thunder, Fullboar, Godzilla, and others getting some TV time. That was awesome. Think it was an 05 one...not sure on that though.


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My favorites were the '89, '90 and '91 USHRA & Camel Tour tv series with Bret Kepner announcing. In 1990 he had Jerry Divine with him and some lady that during that year right? Jerry used to get on my nerves when he got really excited. lol Ahhhh childhood.


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Monster wars was awesome minus the cheezy acting, I also enjoyed TNN motor madness, I wonder hwy they replaced Mike Galloway with Scott Douglas after Pace bought USA motorsports because mike announced the first ever PACE TNN motor madness then it was scott douglas and mike hogwood :mad: Imagine Mike Galloway and Army Armstrong together.