Helping At Monster Jam Events


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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if people looking to get into the monster truck industry could help teams at Monster Jam events? If so, how old do you have to be in order to help? There's an event coming to Columbia, SC that I would like to help drivers, network, and get my name out there. :)



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your best bet is to get in contact with any independent teams that may be in your area and helping them out at smaller events and working your way up from there, I helped out several very strong independent teams but when it came to a Monster Jam event I was unable to help for various reasons. I started helping out various teams 2 years ago and now I am lucky enough to do this full time. Good Luck!


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Thanks for your great response! I just checked, and there's a show coming to Florence, SC in February. It's the Monster Truck Winter Nationals. Do you think this is a good event to help at? So far, it only mentions Bigfoot coming. Thanks!
i been wanting to do the same in tampa florida at ramond james i do the A/C for the place so i get all access passes but my work takes up to much time to even show up before the event unless im working on the A/C at the stadium then i talk to them all