HOF Anyone??


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Just thought I'd see who planned on hitting up the HOF Inductions in a couple weeks,,,,,


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I'll be going again. Last year was incredible with all the legends that showed up. Best show of the year for me, looking forward to this year :)


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I really wish I could go! But that time of year is super busy for me at work and living in Missouri I would have to drive friday night and saturday just to get there and then all day sunday to get back. Just don't think it's gonna be do able for me unfortunately :(


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I will be going this year. Kick myself for not making it last year. Glad I will be there to show my support for the Godfather of Freestyle Mike Welch!! And all the other greats too! I will be grinning ear to ear the whole time Im sure.


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I really want to go, but the money situation just didn't pan out; hope those of you going have a great time.


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i might be going this year. if i do, it would be to meet some of you guys, meet the legends that would be there, and support my good friend Mike Welch.


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Ill be their and will be also suportin Mike and bring some rare gems along with me. Im also making a model of the muscle beach Mike dropped with a crane for display.


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sounds like there are a few going,,,,,any updates of the happenings there? who of the OLD SCHOOL guys do you think will be there besides induction group,,,,,

Jason Twite

Here's the list of Trucks on display & VIPs scheduled to attend as of this morning:

Predator #1
Summit Bigfoot #12
Samson #1 Tribute
Shotgun Harry
High Horse
Mud Monster I
& The Orange Blossom Special Wheel-Standing 2WD Pulling Truck

Current & Former Drivers Attending:
Dennis Anderson – Grave Digger
Ryan Anderson – Son Uva Digger
Adam Anderson – Grave Digger The Legend
Ron Bachmann – Bigfoot
Gary Bauer – Lon Ranger / Nitemare Express
Mark Bendler – Kodiak
Bob Chandler – Bigfoot
Jeff Cook – War Wagon / Shotgun Harry
Dan DeGrasso – Beast
Kyle Doyle - Bigfoot
John Furbee – Monster Mash / Black Widow
Adam Gates – Adam’s Off Road Performance Monster
Russ Gearhart – Mud Hog
Steve Hess – Nitemare
Scott Hess – Hercules / Bearfoot
Andy Hoffman – Nitemare / War Wagon
Eric Howe – High Horse
Pablo Huffaker – King Krunch / Just Show N Off / Grave Digger
Rich Inman – Monster Patrol / Bearfoot
Jim Kramer – Bigfoot
Lenny Kuilder – Prowler
John Nowacki – Mud Monster
Jim Oldaker – Rolling Thunder
Dan Patrick – Samson
Gene Patterson – Bigfoot
Jocelyn Perrin – Lil Miss Dangerous / High Maintenance
Jeff Perrin – Bush Hog
Allen Pezo – Predator
Jerry Richmond – Leathal Weapon
Rick Romanini – Mad Man Motorsports
Stephen Smith – Freakshow
Alan Tura – Goliath
Fil Tristan – Titan
Mike Welch – Monster Mash / Super Pete / Destroyer I, etc.
Mike West – Megasaurus
Paul Winkleman – Phantom Krusher/Evolution/Nite Stalker

Full schedule and info here:

Personally looking forward to meeting Jerry Richmond and SteveHess. Time to dig out some more goods for signatures.
A little disappointed Jeff Dane, John Moore and Jack Willman aren't coming back, but understand everyone has other commitments and budgets.
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Just talked to Mike this morning, to congratulate him. Well deserving. The whole class is awesome! It makes me happy to see him getting the recognition I've always known and said he derserves...and it makes me proud to have been taught everything I know by a now recognized one of the best! Congrats "big Mike" and everyone else. Wish I could go. Chopper I would love a few pics please


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No problem on the pic's. Send me a P/M through Mayhem with your snail mail addy. Also want to thank you for bringing me out to your shows some 12 or 13 years ago and introducing me to Mike....Great person and one of the funniest and funnest people I have ever known.


Absolutely! And thank you for all the great pics over the years. And for also seeing what a great man Mike is...even with all the nay sayers here. Every penny I've made in my life no exaggeration has come from me doing things Mike taught me. Welding, truck driving, monsters....everything. I owe him a lot. You guys have a great time and I'm very jealous...but glad he's got some good friends there by his side this weekend. And just email me [email protected]