houston updates?


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anyone have any updates from houston? did dennis do alright at his first show back? tonight, the commercials for pittsburgh didn't plug dennis being there and that makes me wonder if anything happened tonight in houston . . .


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Idk if he did make a return tonight but what could've happend, they could've produced that commercial while Dennis has been on the sidelines. Just an idea.


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Juan *mtm2 guy* got back from Houston and Dennis did NOT drive. Thought i post it so the ppl who needs to know now can know, lol


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Yes, as kevin said above DENNIS DID NOT DRIVE, but he was looking a WHOLE lot better than adam.

Adam looked like he had just gotten the @#$% beat out of him;black eye, cut under eye, bruised up I mean the boy is taking a BEATING!

Overall the show was good. Racing was good, bounty broke tranny in finals against tom.

Freestyle AGAIN was all messed up, stupid judges. Air Force and Bounty both had AT LEAST 26s. Instead air force gets 21 and bounty ties with cvh and linsey.

BAH......im going to sleep.:mad:


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The commercials I saw on Wensday night in Wheeling, WV plugged Anderson as driving in Pittsburgh.

Cant wait for the shows and pit party. If you see a guy in a Samson crew shirt thats me.

Dave Collard

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I don't see the big deal with having to know why, give the man some privacy. Mayhem is full of Monster Truck Driver Stalkers now I guess :p


i was at houston working the show i talked with adam and dennis i know the status of dennis all i can say is yall have to wait and see he is the man and driver please dont speculate. as for adam dont worry he is fine and it doesnt effect his driving so it shouldnt even be a topic.whay happens away from driving in the show is no ones buisness but the ppl involved with the show and team.